Experimental helicopter design

Unicopter Helicopter

Unicopter project

The Intermeshing, Interleaving and PropRotor configurations helicopter design project. A massive source of information with formulae, specs and many design considerations and references.

While you could spend weeks browsing the large amount of useful information here, the basic concept is the same, to practically build what you can dream!

Aeris Naviter Helicopter

Aeris Naviter

Coaxial configuration two seat helicopter design project amd AeroQuad project flying platform.

Coaxial designs continue to appear across the market displaying various different design improvements.

KISS 209M Helicopter

The KISS 209M Helicopter

The two seat turbine powered KISS 209M helicopter. Smart by desin, smart by performance.

Turbine power with optional retractable landing gear improves speed and performance giving sleek looks similar to the Dauphin helicopters.

SH09 Helicopter

The SKYe SH09 Helicopter

The next Generation of multi-purpose light single-engine helicopter. While more on the commercial side of helicopters, it origins were no different to most of the kit and homebuilt designs.

A smart looking chopper with the potential of performance to equal today's best commercial choppers.

GEN H-4 Helicopter

The GEN H-4 Personal Coaxial Helicopter

A unique minimal, multi engine personal helicopter. While innovative by design, it has never quite found it's market amongst the public.

An interesting concept that needs to prove it's practicality.

Neo Notar Helicopter

The NEO "NOTAR" Helicopter

The new generation "NOTAR" (NO-TAil-Rotor) rotary powered kit helicopter. Experimenting with the mazda rotary engine has allowed the potential of this no-tail-rotor design.

Though the mazda is heavy there are now aftermarket alloy side-housings that dramatically reduce weight. Maybe a future option for the NEO!

RI 30 Eaglet Helicopter

The RI 30 Eaglet "Dual Rotor" Helicopter

The patent pending dual-rotor-system provides maneuverability and performance, together with the best efficiency on the market.

Rotax 914 turbo power mounted in a similar position to commercial helicopters is a novel idea. Great looking with superb performance (check YouTube for video footage or their website).

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