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Augusto Cicare Helicopters

Cicare Helicopters:  Augusto Cicare - Various 1 and 2 seat helicopter designs. Some consider Mr Cicare a modern day revolutionist in helicopter design and development. While being virtually isolated from worldwide exposure he has been continually working on evolving designs from his home in Argentina.

Amongst his many achievements was the more famous single seat Angel CH-7 kit helicopter after his unsuccessful association with Dennis Fetters in the development of the Mini 500 single seat kit helicopter.

Dynali H2S Helicopter

H2S:  Dynali Helicopters - two (2) seat helicopter. An innovative european design incorporating a stainless steel airframe with festoon type enclosed tail rotor. A strong, neat looking, and very powerful (with Subaru) little chopper.

Originally designed with the Subaru EJ25 power plant, it now offers the option of the rotax 914 powerplant. It has found a market in Europe where it has been widely accepted for it's smart design and reliable performance. Yet another great option to the Robinson R22 commercial alternative.

Helicycle Turbine Kit Helicopter

Helicycle Helicopter:  Eagle R&D - single seat turbine powered kit helicopter. From designer, builder, extrordinaire B.J. Schramm, the originator of the Scorpion 1 and 2 and the Exec kit built helicopters. /p>

B.J. has left his ongoing legacy in the first commercially viable TURBINE powered single seat owner built helicopter. Though it has gone through some initial teething issues, the company stood behind it's product and continues to support all those who want an "entry level true TURBINE powered helicopter".

Hummingbird Helicopter

Hummingbird Helicopter:  Vertical Aviation Tech - 4 seat Sikorsky style helicopter kit.

Undertaking a project of this size is to be commended. We aren't talking the price of a car here, more like the price of a large luxery house! Not to mention the many assembly hours... What you end up with though, is an amazing piece of machinery that is right up there and in some cases, exceeds the commerial built helicopters.

Angel CH-7 Kompress Helicopter

Kompress Helicopter:  CH-7 Heli-Sport S.r.l. - 2 seat tandem rotax 914 powered helicopter.

Cicare took the CH-7 to Heli-Sport of Turin, Italy, and Heli-Sport took the CH-7 to the next level, the CH-7 Kompress! The CH-7 varients have a HUGE following in Europe, often having more than a dozen at a time showing up at fly-ins and airshows.

Mosquito Kit Helicopter

Mosquito Ultralight Helicopter:  Innovator Technologies - single seat ultralight helicopter available with multiple engine options. Numerous different models flying all around the world.

If you haven't heard of this magnificent little machine, you must have been hiding under a rock? There is so many being built and so much support for this craft, it has been a winner in sales, price and performance. A pitty the LoneStar never evolved further as I imagine this is close to where it would have gone, there are MANY similarities in design and philosophy. If you were looking for a recommendation on an entry level kit built helicopter, this is it!

Rotorway Exec Talon 2 Seat Helicopter

Rotorway Helicopter:  Rotorway International - 2 seat Exec helicopter design with the new A600 FADEC Talon now available. Now comes with cog-belt rotor drive system and shaft driven tail rotor system.

One of the few kit helicopters that can claim to have been the primary influence of the experimental helicopter market development worldwide. While Rotorway Scorpion and Exec helicopters were the benchmark for owner - builders, they were slow to progress in the later stages of refinement and development... until now!

Safari 2 Seat Kit Helicopter

Safari Helicopter:  Canadian Home Rotors - 2 seat Lycoming powered kit helicopter. An oldy but a goody! Originating from the Commuter series of kit built choppers before morphing into (an one stage the Cobra) Baby Bell before Bell helicopters suggested a name change may be in order.

The result was the solid and reliable Safari which has an optional more modern looking cabin in the R&D stage for those not wanting the traditional MASH helicopter look. You can go past this two (2) seater for longevity, low maintenence, and reliability.

Ultrasport Helicopter

Ultrasport Helicopter (Australia/Pacific):  Helisport Australia - Ultrasport helicopters and rotor blade balancing systems.

Not quite sure what happened to this modern little design, it was owned by an American, then I believe sold to a Taiwanese company, used as drones, still being marketed by an Australian company (Vibrotech), then fell off the map?

A great little design that is having a resurgence with turbine conversions popping up in both the USA and Europe.

Helowerks WASP Helicopter

Wasp Helicopter:  Helowerks - 2 seat turbine powered composite helicopter.

Yet another innovative turbine (2 seater) application just begging for an investor to support further technical and financial development.

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