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Dragonfly DF-333 & DF-334 Helicopter Image Gallery

The DF Helicopters DF334 helicopter is a two-seat, single-engine light utility helicopter in development by DF Helicopters Srl in Northern Italy. The DF 334 is a development of the Dragon Fly 333, developed by archaeologists and filmmakers Angelo and Alfredo Castiglioni in the 1980s.

The DF334 has a larger, full composite cabin, a Rotax 914 4-stroke turbocharged engine, a governor fuel control, and an advanced Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS). The helicopter is intended for both amateur and professional pilots.

VIDEO: Dragonfly helicopter re-powered with turbo charger Subaru engine (note intercooler)
VIDEO: Turbine powered DF 333/334 Dragonfly Helicopter
Crew One Pilot
Capacity One Passenger
Engine 1 X Rotax 914
Engine horsepower 115 hp - 84 kw
Engine rpm Unknown
Main rotor blades Composite
Main rotor diameter 22 ft 5 inch - 6.82 m
Main rotor rpm 520
Tail rotor diameter 1.12 m
Fuel capacity 75 litres
Fuel consumption 23 litres/hr
Empty weight 310kg
Gross weight 600 kg
Rate of climb 1,280 ft/min - 6.5 m/s
Cruise speed 91 kts - 170 km/h
Maximum speed (VNE) 102 kts - 190 km/h
Range 520 km
HIGE 4,100 m
HOGE 2,450 m
Service ceiling 10,000 ft - 3,100 m
Height (total) 7 ft 9 inch - 2.36 m
Height (cabin) 1.72 m
Length 6.00 m
Cabin Width 1.30 m

DF Helicopters was acquired in 2010 by a Swiss Group, Avio International Group.

VIDEO: SkyEFIS DF Dragonfly Helicopter

More information can be found at DF Helicopters.