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Welcome to our video viewing page.

YouTube Helicopter Videos

We have selected a few particular YouTube helicopter movie clips based on them being different, unusual or relevent to our site. At the end of each video, a selection of similar clips are shown for your viewing pleasure.

While there are literally hundreds of helicopter related video clips available on YouTube, searching through them all would take forever so we welcome suggestions for videos you find that are directly relevent to our sites content.

Click here to contact us with any new video clip suggestions you may find. In particular, plans built, original design or obscure historical kit and experimental design helicopters. Your input will help keep this content fresh and interesting for all to enjoy.

Tip-Jet Dragonfly DF1 Helicopter Video

Tip-Jet Dragonfly DF1.

A hydrogen peroxide powered, torqueless ultralight single seat helicopter with amazing performance!

The Dragonfly DF1 is a helicopter that uses rockets attached to the tips of its blades to power it instead of a conventional fixed motor attached to the body. The rockets produce no pollution and are fueled by 70 percent hydrogen peroxide (H202) supplied by a pair if fuel tanks surrounding the pilot’s seat. They are capable of propelling the DF1 to a top speed of 185 km/h (115 mph) and can send the craft climbing to a ceiling of 4,000m (2.485 miles) at a rate of 700 m (2,300 ft) a minute.

Swiss Manufacturer

USA distributor

Homebuilt Helicopter Crash Helicopter Video

Homebuilt Helicopter Crash...

The unfortunate side of a combination of bad piloting, poor training, or mechanical failure?

This craft seems to somewhat resemble either the Cicare CH-6, MC-1 or similar clone design. No information on what happened to the pilot though the damage to the craft is obvious! It "appears" that the pilot is in that grey area of the "dead man's curve" for safe height/velocity helicopter performance when the 2 stroke engine fails.

There isn't quit enough height or speed to perform a safe autorotation and the chopper lands extremely hard collapsing the landing gear instantly. A good reason for designing a safe impact absorbing airframe that can sustain this type of crash, eg; much stronger landing gear that still flexes (or folds) with impact, partial pilot protection with a cabin or other structure and an impact absorbing style seat like used in military applications. While this video demonstrates what can go wrong, I wouldn't say it is as common as we would like to think with many homebuilt pilots taking to the skys daily without incident.

Chinese Homebuilt Helicopter Video

Chinese Homebuilt.

A helicopter closely resembling the Cicare CH-6 or a Mini 500 clone.

This clip has been circulating for some time but we thought it relevent as it can show what can be done when someone really wants to build their own helicopter. Not to mention, how many times have you seen a guy buzzing around the back streets at such low altitude in a residential area?

Ben Cope's Bug Mk 4 Helicopter Video

Ben Cope's Bug Mk 4.

Ben's 3rd tethered hover test.

Ben has spent much time and effort to design, test and fly various different "Bug's". These designs are super cool keeping things to a minimum but still neat and professional. While this is some older footage, it's great to see people still doing it "old school" like Ben Shower's did with his Skytwister. Ben has since moved on and I believe he is onto Bug number 5 with testing on patent pending rotor systems and other original ideas. He is based in the UK and can be seen on occassion at their various airshows with his chopper/s.

Doug Schwochert's AW95 Solar Turbine Ultralight Plans Built Helicopter Video

Doug Schwochert's AW95 Solar Turbine Ultralight Plans Built Helicopter.

While not the first homebuilt to sport a turbine, definetly on of the most basic in design.

Doug is one of the most innovative "doers" in the ultralight homebuilt helicopter scene of recent time. We are referring to his history of taking the old Choppy/Flying Triumph and remodelling it in to the AW/95. The simplest plans built "real helicopter" available today. But! not satisfied with that, he took the 2 stroke engine out and put a turbine in that was a very clean looking installation. The main rotor gearbox was a modified motorcycle shaft drive unit with the turbine reduction transmission being constructed from auto gears.

Argentinian 4 Cylinder Auto Conversion Powered Experimental Helicopter Video

Argentinian 4 Cylinder Auto Conversion Powered Experimental Helicopter.

From the home of Augusto Cicare

This is the prototype of a domestically built experimental helicopter featuring versatility, low cost of manufacture and ease of maintenance. The project will receive grants to continue its development FONTAR.

The helicopter is manufactured domestically missionary and was presented to security forces, commercial pilots, technicians and journalists. The aircraft is the result of a development of more than 30 years of mechanical research from Sorhge Ruben Guillermo Posadas.

The two-seater helicopter has a weight of 400 kilos and can reach a cruising speed of 160 km/h with a capacity of approximately 200 Kilo payload. It aims to become a cheaper alternative to similar vehicles that are manufactured abroad. Its manufacturer explained that all components of the ship, except the rotors are built domestically. This allows a much lower cost of production compared to importing similar aircraft such as the American-made "Robinson R22" helicopter.

Sorghum also clarified that because it was an experimental prototype, it does not currently have international certifications or require qualified personnel for maintenance which significantly reduces the running cost, already low because of the simplicity of its design. "This model is powered by a Renault 18 car engine, any car mechanic should be able to perform the engine maintenence" said Sorhge.

More information can be found hereHelicopter Information.

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