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Cicare CH-6 Helicopter Video

Cicare CH-6 Flight Demo In Argentina (predecessor to Angel CH-7 and Mini-500).

Original footage from its first inception.

This is some early footage of a pilot test flying the CH-6 helicopter from what is thought to be a rural military field. Looking very much of a personal helicopter here, you can see that this little machine though mechanically complicated, it quite lively and nimble. A fun little single seat helicopter.

Subaru Powered Scorpion Helicopter Video

Subaru Powered Scorpion Helicopter.

Reliable auto engines giving new life to old designs.

This has been a long time coming. Though some have tried the EA81 in the earlier Scorpion one unsuccessfully, others (Aerokopter) have successfully made a production helicopter using the heavier more powerful subaru EJ25 engine.

I've always wondered why we haven't seen more like this. I do know that Mazda Rotary 13B engines have been used in both Scorpion 2 and Exec's but have heard little of Subaru engines being used. This surprises me due to the fact that they are one of the most popular fixed wing experimental aircraft engines with thousands of proven flight hours accumulating daily. Let's hope we see more auto conversions? Maybe even a conversion kit for existing helicopter designs?

XRS Experimental Helicopter Video

XRS Experimental Helicopter.

Watch the tail boom!

It's great to see these international original idea homebuilt helicopters coming to the scene. We just hope that they learn from their testing? Remember, we are all still pioneers in what we do when designing our own experimental helicopters. Though the Mini 500 may have had it's faults well documented you might be surprised to know many other successful homebuilt designs went through similar trial/test/error stages and each took time to perfect (unfortunately the Mini 500 went out of production before these were all fixed).

Let's support those individuals with constructive help and support so that we all may enjoy their efforts.

Homebuilt Personal Coaxial Helicopter Video

Homebuilt Personal Coaxial Helicopter.

Can it get any simpler?

This is just astonishing! The smallest most portable aircraft imaginable. Safety?? Well, you wouldn't find me in it and I cringe at the thought of what those blades could do should you accidently "tumble" on a bad landing... Still, credit to peoples ingenuity.

CH-4/Furia/Skylark Helicopter Video

CH-4/Furia/Skylark Helicopter.

Technical design with innovative function.

Are you from an engineering background? No? well don't consider this design. While it is a brilliant idea and was the proving ground for the Cicare CH-6 and CH-7 (plus Mini 500) helicopters, you may find it is extremely technical and complicated to build. Not for the feint at heart! Originally from the Cicare camp, marketed by Osvaldo Durana at Plans delivery and some how ended up as the Skylark at Vortech? It is a great read to study these plans and well worth the purchase if only to study the strong airframe structure.

Purchase Furia helicopterVortech Helicopter Plans plans here for Osvaldo Durana (recommended).

Also available here as the Skylark helicopterSkyLark Helicopter Plans. (also supplies parts and kits)

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Redback Aviation :: Home Built Helicopters :: Homebuilt Helicopter, Ultralight Helicopter, Kit Helicopter
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