Mosquito Helicopter – Mosquito Air – Mosquito XE & XEL Kit Helicopters

Mosquito Air Mosquito XEL kit helicopters

The Mosquito helicopter range continues to grow with three primary single seat styles, the Mosquito Air Ultralight, the Mosquito XL and the Mosquito XEL kit helicopters. Currently in the works is a two seater called the SWIFT! A testiment to the companies support and listening to their customers.

The single seat models come with a number of engine options including the Compact Radial Engine MZ202 two stroke, twin cylinder aircraft engine, the Hexadyen P60 twin cylinder, four stroke, air cooled aircraft engine. And lastly the Solar APU turbine engine is also available for all single seat models. While these are the three factory approved models – individuals have been experimenting with other options.

Mosquito helicopter kits available from: official webstite listing all national and international distributors.

Mosquito Ultralight Kit Helicopters

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Mosquito Air Kit Helicopter & Mosquito XE Kit Helicopter
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