Helicopter Flight Simulators And helicopter Games

A selection of games and flight simulator training applications from fun flying missions of varying difficulty to more advanced real life training for the would be pilot. Some can even use a plug in cyclic, collective, throttle and anti-torque peddles for helicopters and stick and rudder or control yoke for the fixed wing trainee pilot.

Take on the combat flight simulator, land on an aircraft carrier, practice your GA take off and landings. Do a little “hover” training in your chopper or take out the bad guys on a ground run attack.

Helicopter games have always been a hot favorite for most kids (even grown up ones) and teenagers. This is primarily because of two factors. The first one is the facination and excitement attached to helicopter flight and secondly, the combined ability to fly many different sorts of helicopter training flights or combat missions from the safety of your computer desk plus the ability for everyone to grasp quickly. When using the keyboard, the movement of the helicopter is controlled by just four keys, which are up, down, left, and right or you can add a bisic joystick or even full flight controls.

Most of the time the varying levels of the game is what makes it a quite sought after choice by the young and old alike. Most people in their late twenties and early thirties look forward to different misson challenges and assume themselves to be a well experienced helicopter pilot able to handle these complicated tasks. Simple games do not arouse or maintain interest. Now you no longer need to be disappointed or bored and can try your hands on the latest helicopter game, which now delivers tough and exciting flying fun. Some of these will sweat you out and make you understand what a quality helicopter game actually means. Are daring enough?