History Of The Cobra DHC 2000 Gas Welding Torch

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The unique design of the DHC 2000 enables a person with limited experience to weld virtually any metal.

The DHC 2000 Torch has a unique mixing chamber that improves combustion while reducing oxygen and acetylene pressure settings at the regulators and reduced flow volume. For all welding applications the torch only requires 4 PSI O/A at the torch handle.

The net effect of the low pressure low volume torch is a low velocity concentrated flame for improved welding of thin aluminum, stainless, brass, copper and steel. With a savings of 40% - 60% for fuel.

The fuel savings and efficiency continue for cutting both thin sheet metal or thick steel plate. For example only 4 PSI of O/A are needed for providing a plasma like cut for 20 gauge sheet metal.

Cutting half inch steel plate is a cinch with the torch, 4 PSI acetylene and 14 PSI oxygen. Thus we say the torch welds like a TIG and cuts like a plasma. If you have not seen a demonstration you owe it to yourself to watch a video or come watch me at an upcoming show.

DHC 2000 Gas Welding Torch History

The DHC 2000 has been referred to as the Dillion, Henrob 2000 and Coba Torch. During the 1970's an Australian named Ed Dillion developed an O/A torch that performed better than traditional torches and began selling the torch in the US under the name Dillion.

At that time the torches were manufactured in Switzerland. During the mid 1980's Henrob Corporation acquire the rights to the torch and began manufacturing the torch in the US under the name of Henrob 2000.

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In 2002 Cobra Torches, Inc. acquired Henrob's torch division. In 2005 the torch was renamed the DHC 2000 and is manufactured in Orion, Michigan.

In October of 2014 Cobra Torches, Inc. launched Detroit Torch and MFG Co., the manufacturing division of Cobra Torches, Inc. for the DHC 2000 and a new line of US made industrial straight cutting and combination torch. Check out this very cool video from down under...and Mark's new demo.

Cobra Torches, Inc. makes available many innovative accessories for the torch such as low pressure regulator, rose bud heating tip, propane tips, protective eye wear and welding supplies. This is a US made product and both the torch and regulators come with a lifetime warranty.

The DHC 2000 torch is going on 34 years that it has been manufactured in the US. When comparing the torch to a traditional torch the first thing that you will notice is the pistol grip. The pistol grip allows the operator to be closer to the work and provides better control when welding and cutting.

Why are low pressure low volume important?

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We put this question to a test this summer by welding thin car body aluminum (.040 inch thickness) with the DHC 2000 and a traditional torch. The aluminum was easily welded with the DHC 2000 using the .5 tip and the oxygen and acetylene regulators set at 4 PSI.

When the weld was attempted using the traditional torch with a #0 tip and the oxygen and acetylene regulator set at 4 PSI the torch blew through the aluminum when the flame was set to the proper heat to perform the weld. The traditional torch created to much velocity.

When the flame was reduced, reduced velocity, so as not to blow through the metal the torch did not produce adequate heat to perform the weld. The Pro-Master DHC 2000 Kit is pictured below. This is the kit I have owned and used for many years.

After a little practice this has become my goto torch for cutting thick and think steel and welding. I did not use my traditional torch and eventually sold it. I believe once you use the DHC 2000 you will not go back to your traditional gas welding torch.

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Welding cast iron with the DHC 2000 is really easy. We typically demonstrate welding a cast iron manifold at the shows we attend. The key with welding cast iron is to preheat, take your time when doing the weld and then do a post-heat.

We use a pure cast iron rod which is machinable and can be drilled and is less likely to crack. A nickel based rod is more likely to crack, can be challenging to weld and may be difficult to work after welding.

The DHC 2000 torch is a good choice for many applications. including; farm and ranch use, auto body restoration, air frame construction, and general maintenance by hobbyist and others.

We hope you will find our web site informative and if you decide to purchase a DHC 2000 torch you will purchase from On Fire Welding, LLC.

Our focus and primary product is the DHC 2000 torch and accessories.

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DHC 2000 Gas Welding Torch Kit Includes:
  • Torch Gun

  • Tips: Cutting, #0, #1, #2, #3, #0.5

  • Copper Cutting Tip

  • Tip Cleaner

  • Wrench

  • Check Valves

  • Over Cutter & Under Cutter Attachment

  • Instructional DVD & Manual

  • Air Acetylene Tip

  • Curved Extension

  • Straight Extension

  • Tips: #00, #1.5, #2.5


The manufacturer, Cobra Torches, Inc., provides the warranty and registration for your new torch. We strongly urge you to register your new purchase to ensure warranty coverage.

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Limited Lifetime Warranty

The DHC 2000 (formerly Henrob 2000) torch is guaranteed for the lifetime of the original purchaser against any defect due to faulty material or workmanship. The limited lifetime warranty only applies to the Henrob 2000 and DHC 2000 torches.

Cobra Torches Inc. accepts no responsibility for defects, damage or faulty performances caused by misuse, careless handling or where repairs have been made or attempted from unauthorized persons. All other conditions and warranties whether expressed or implied are, to the extent permitted by law, hereby excluded.

Upon the discretion of the manufacturer you will receive free of charge, a replacement unit or the free repair and replacement of faulty parts.

Gas Welding Torch Quick Reference Guide

Tip Selection for welding

  • Tip # 00 - Jewlery & 24-28 gauge steel

  • Tip # 0 - 20-22 gauge steel

  • Tip # 0.5 - 20 gauge steel - 1/16" material

  • Tip # 1.0 - 1/16" - 1/8" material

  • Tip # 1.5 - 1/8" - 3/16" material

  • Tip # 2.0 - 3/16" - 1/4" material

  • Tip # 2.5 heay stee, cast aluminum over 1/4"

  • Tip # 3.0 used for torch set up

  • Copper Tip - used for cutting steel 3/16" - 1.0"

  • Three tips are optional with the standard kit (#00, #1.5 & #2.5).

These additional tips can be purchased seperately or are part of the Pro-Master Pac that can be added to the Standard Torch kit at any time. If you have a Standard Torch and want to weld 5/16" material use the tip #2.0 and adjust the heat to weld the material.

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Looking for the best gas welding torch on the market? Look no further, I have personally used this torch on 0.028 wall aircraft chromoly tube through to 0.250 wall tube. All I can say is once I learned how to use it, my welding was magic!

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