Hubsan X4 Pro High Edition FPV Drone

hubsan x4 pro high edition quadcopter drone review


The Hubsan X4 Pro High Edition is a high performance 1080P HD camera-equipped quadcopter with a three-axis gyro camera gimbal and many high-end features that makes it the perfect aerial photography quadcopter that flies with unbelievable stability and has fail-safe systems to give complete confidence.

The Hubsan X4 Pro High Edition is great for taking amazin g aerial shots and with everything you need to start flying included. With a video and control transmission distance of up to an impressive 1000m (weather/location Dependant) it lets you see the live feed on the controller. The added bonus of a flight time of up to 25 minutes means you have a lengthy amount of time to position the camera to capture that image.

The Hubsan X4 Pro High Edition comes as standard with the full function H7000 flight handset, which is an all-in-one inclusive device, with flight controls and dedicated buttons for mode selections, return to home and gimbal controls.

There are two screens on the controller, one of which is the OLED screen that displays telemetry information such as remaining battery life, duration of flight and the distance between the Hubsan X4 Pro and H7000 handset. This helps to provide a bundle of useful information to hand without you. needing to find it.

The embedded 7-inch touchscreen android device provides a live video feed and a map of the area you are flying. Both the live video and map can be set side by side giving you a sense of direction while you fly. The H7000 handset is also used to set waypoints on the map, with each point being potentially different with altitude, direct and hold time settings available.

The GPS is used for waypoint programming, return-to-home and position hold functions. The programming is compatible with Google maps and lets you program up to 32 separable saveable waypoints, each one is adjustable for altitude, time at waypoint and even the direction of the X4 Pro.

The Hubsan X4 Pro High Edition features a three-axis gyro camera gimbal to stabilize your images and videos and help you get those amazing shots, the gimbal can also be controlled from the H7000 handset to fine tune your shots with the 1080p camera.

VIDEO: Hubsan X4 Pro High Edition Promotional Video

Hubsan X4 Pro High Edition FPV Drone Features:

  • Six-axis gyroscope

  • GPS position and hovering

  • Compass

  • Automatic return home failsafe

  • Low-voltage protection

  • One button landing

  • Headless flight mode

  • 2.4GHz system with up to 1000m range

  • 3.5-hour charge time

  • Four brushless drive motors

  • 7000mAh 11.1V LiPo battery

Included in the Box:

  • H 109S X4 Pro Quadcopter

  • H7000 Handset and Antenna

  • Instructions

  • Charger and Adapter

  • Four propellers and guards

  • LiPo Battery

  • Three-axis gimbal

  • 1080p Camera

VIDEO: Hubsan X4 Pro H109S Quick Start Guide (High Edition)

H109S-PRO HE Hubsan X4 Pro High Edition FPV Drone