Man Tasered for filming lava lake with drone in Hawaii

Lava lake drone

Travis Sanders took his family to Kilauea volcano to witness a rising lava lake, the last thing he expected was to get tasered for using a micro drone to film the night time spectacle.

The confrontation happened after Sanders was approached by a park ranger who says he refused to cooperate when caught using the drone to video the Kilauea volcano.

Several witnesses who reached out to Hawaiian news channels described the incident as excessive and unnecessary but park officials say their actions were warranted to keep a crowd of hundreds safe.

Travis Sanders used a 3inch micro drone to capture the action of the rising lava lake at Halema'uma'u Crater.

"A guy approached me in the dark and said, 'Bring it down!' and he was very angry. I had no idea he was a ranger. He sounded very angry, confrontational ~ like he wanted to fight ~ and I didn't really want to stick around for it so I just told him, 'I don't have ID and I'm leaving'," described Sanders.

Apparently the ranger then pursued and tasered him to the ground.

It's illegal to fly an unmanned aircraft in all 407 national parks across the United States and although there were no signs but park officials say it is Included in their list of rules on the website.

"My daughter was crying. She was screaming, 'Leave him alone! I hate you!,and she started going after the park ranger guy,"

The park officials also went on to say it's an ongoing investigation, but the law enforcement ranger -- who Is certified to carry a taser -- acted in the best interest of public safety.