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While the majority of hobbies people typically undertake include swimming and running and the many related ball games, the newest trend is in recreational aviation. To everyone's surprise, recreational aviation is not only open to everyone, but it is extremely exciting and achievable to learn how to fly a helicopter.

If you are the type of person who is a thrill seeker, maybe into extreme sports and loves to push the boundaries, recreational aviation may be your new favorite hobby. Becoming a pilot can now be a part of your hobbies list.

Although it does involve some initial in-depth studying and a lot of instructional lessons, you could easily get your aviation license in a reasonable amount of time. For any adventurer looking for a thrill, flying a helicopter could be your newest high.

The adrenaline that rushes throughout your body when you propel into the sky in control of such powerful machines is the most exhilarating moment experienced for any newcomer. It is for this reason, recreational aviation is on the rise.

When you are ready to sign up for your aviation lessons, you must know that the legal age requirement is sixteen. This number generally surprises people, as you would think that teenagers can barely be responsible enough to drive a car, let alone becoming a pilot and taking control of an entire helicopter!

Another surprising factor is that the only other real pilot requirement consists of a medical checkup from the Aviation Medical doctor. With barely anything holding you back from participating in the aviation industry, it is a very easy process to start your aviation training.




When you first start your pilot classes, you will go on a trial instructional flight or "TIFF". Here the instructor will tell you about the ins and outs of flying and give you a general feel for the air.

They will usually also explain some of the things that may go wrong when you are up in the air while in control of a helicopter. While it may be terrifying to think that something could happen when flying a helicopter, it is imperative that you know what to do or rather, how to react in life threatening situations.

Once the flight instructor gives you an overview of what you will be doing throughout the pilot training course, you will learn about avionics and navigation referred to as a cross country endorsement, requiring the use of a flight computer.

While this will be a little advanced for the beginner, your first piece of avionics will be the simple but essential headset. For most student pilots, this will be your first step to becoming a professional helicopter pilot!

You will also need to get yourself an approved pilot log book to record all flight time performed. A great starting point is the ever affordable David Clark headset, they will become you best friend up in the air along with your instructor guiding you throughout the lessons. For most beginners, it usually takes a good many hours before you are able to fly solo so don't rush it.

Once your instructor is confident that you know about the aircrafts flight parameters and have developed your own unique flying technique, he will send you on a solo flight, usually just once around the field flying the patten.

In order to obtain a recreational aviation license, one must complete at least thirty hours of air training depending on which aircraft you are training in and what level of licence you are wanting to obtain.

Although this does not sound like a lot, the majority of aviation students need to work hard at learning everything thoroughly, even if it is simple things like how to connect and operate your David Clark headsets.

A flight computer will become second nature and you will quickly fill many a log book with many hours of exhilarating flight time. Recreational aviation is an exciting adventure for anyone who dreamt of being a pilot when growing up.

We all thought at some stage about flying airplanes and helicopters plus taking long flights to far away exotic destinations. I bet you never thought you could actually accomplish that? Even though programs tend to be very expensive and charge highly by the hour, there are training schools that will work with you to pay for your pilot training in installments.

Unexpectedly, a lot of flight instructors will even analyze your budget and tell you how much you can get done. It is fascinating to think that anyone with a dream and basic level of motor skill can complete recreational aviation training. In some ways, a terrifying thought!


master logbook case

A master logbook records the months and years of a pilot's flying career in painstaking detail. To protect this log, and all the effort that went into creating it, Aviation Supplies & Academics (ASA), has created its new Master Logbook Case.

This compact organizer for the space-conscious pilot offers protection for a logbook in its travels.

The case features aviation essentials such as pockets for the master logbook and charts, clear pockets for license and medical certificate, a loop for pen or pencil, and a Velcro® closure.

Each Logbook Case is made of durable nylon and is sized to fit ASA's Master Log and many other types of logbooks.

ASA says its Standard Pilot Master Log meets the FAA's record-keeping requirements, with 28 different columns for recording standard flight information.

This logbook also has blank columns to allow pilots to tailor it to specific flying categories, conditions, and types of piloting time.