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A huge range of radio control helicopters from the standard indoor electric RC helicopters to the high performance outdoor piston powered models. Learn how the helicopter navigates its way through the air by remote control. Practice your hovering skills or fly fancy stunts. Want to add more capability to your helicopter? Check out our Electronic and Gadgets sections for helicopter mountable video cameras!

How to choose an RC Helicopter which is best suitable for your needs.

When we think of RC helicopters, we also need to think of the various issues attached to owning one, like the availability of spare parts, its physical size, the price and any required fuel and other costs which may come along with them. Choosing the right radio controlled helicopter for you is not as hard as you may think, and if you plan carefully you can make the most of your first RC Helicopter purchase.

Following are a few points on how to choose the best RC Helicopter:

Check the physical size: Most people simply want to buy the most expensive helicopter which conforms to their budget, thinking maybe this is the best and perhaps most coolest one. Though once they get it home, they soon realize it's too big to fly it indoors. Well, RC Helicopters come in many different sizes, some are as small as your palm while others can be as big as a real car. Best thing is to first determine where would you be flying your RC helicopter majority of the time? If you are going to sit inside your comfort zone and fly it inside your house then you should always consider a smaller electric one, and if you are going to go fly outdoors then choosing a larger model is more logical.

Parts and Upgrades: Buying an R.C. Helicopter is the easy part, but maintaining one does involve a little maintenance and care. Most beginners tend to crash their RC Helicopter in their first flight. It is not unusual to either crash land it or they accidentally collide into a wall or tree. But that's okay as you can get service and replacement parts quite readily. Always make sure there are parts available from the manufacturer before buying an RC Helicopter. This is particularly important for the more expensive models. Once you have crashed it, you wouldn't want to find out that the only option is to replace it. It's also best to buy a RC helicopter of a reputed brand such as SYMA or SAN HUAN as it turns out to be better in the long term. You can upgrade parts and can repair a damaged RC helicopter saving some grief.

Commitment: Before making a decision on purchasing the helicopter, take a moment and think of how committed you are going to be with your RC Helicopter, if you are planning to use it only few hours a week or maybe once in a while then you should prefer a less expensive radio control helicopter which suits your need. Buying an expensive helicopter only to later find out that you aren't making best of it would be rather disappointing. You can always upgrade later should your interest continue in flying a remote controlled helicopter. On the other hand, if you are looking to give your flying skills a real workout, then by all means grab the expensive model helicopter straight off the bat.

So, before finalizing your RC Helicopter decision, remember to check the physical size, look for the parts & upgrades availability and most importantly know how committed you are to determine the appropriate budget. Best wishes, safe and happy flying.

Buying A Radio Control Helicopter

With so many indoor-outdoor mini remote control Helicopters around it can sometimes be hard deciding on which one you are going to buy; there are many differences from one model to another and the prices can vary accordingly too, so needless to say you will want to get an RC helicopter that you can handle and does everything you want it to, but your budget might not stretch that far making choosing even more difficult! Luckily, here at Redback Aviation we have daily sales on with price reductions up to 40%!

Take a look at some of the Syma radio control range or helicopters and compare how different they are and how they perform, this will help you decide which RC helicopter is right for you.

Model: Syma S032. Weight: 1.7 kg

A very stable helicopter making it even better at helping you to prevent crashes, also it will take a lot of battering before it finally gives in and breaks when and if you do crash, which is great news if you are a beginner as its electronic fine tuning helps you to fly it more smoothly and without much fuss, plus it comes already assembled.

Model: Syma S107. Weight: 34 g

This RC helicopter is available in three different colors and is great for those who are just starting to learn how to fly. It is also another very strong model which means that it doesn't tend to break easily. Although this model is basically the same as the S032, its flight is not quite as stable. It has been on the market for a little longer and it is considerably smaller, which is why you usually pay less for it; it does however also come assembled.

Model: Syma S108. Weight: 60 g

The next in the Syma RC helicopter range is the S108 which comes with a flashing LED light that adds to its authenticity and also looks pretty cool too. To enhance the effect, you can use in a softly lit area. It is incredibly durable despite not weighing much at all and again, if you do happen to crash the RC helicopter it won't damage so easily which is a relief for the beginner This model again is ideal for the beginner wanting a bit fancier a model, plus it comes assembled.

Model: Syma S109. Weight: 2 kg (Boxed Weight)

This particular helicopter flies extremely well and really looks the part thanks to its military-style paint work. Just like the S108, this model comes with a visually enhancing flashing LED light which adds to the effect and is also made to withstand a good few number of crashes. Despite being made of strong materials, it is surprisingly light weight which means it,s pretty easy to fly and also easy to control. Although it is considered light, it is noticably heavier than the other helicopters but you can be sure that you still wonÂ’t have difficulty flying it, and yes, it comes assembled.

There are just a few of differences in these Syma RC helicopters but there is nothing too major and they are all relatively easy to fly. The Syma helicopters are good quality and should you crash and burn then spare parts are both affordable and always readily available.

A New Season Of RC Helicopters

As we approach the summer and look forward to what we hope is a long flying season ahead, it's time to dust off your existing fleet of helicopters and ensure they are flight ready, or contemplate buying and building a new one. Either way, these are exciting times and the anticipation of some great flying is the best motivation for maintaining and building model helicopters.

With so many great machines out there to choose from, and with their quality improving immeasurably in recent years, you can't really go wrong whichever you decide to buy.

Of course some of the choice will be down to what you intend to do with your helicopter. You may want to fly some 3D, tackle simple aerobatics, just fly relaxed circuits or even get into scale flying, but whatever your discipline of choice you need to make sure your helicopter is properly built, set up and maintained.

Despite the massive growth in electric-powered helicopters, it's still a more expensive way to get into the hobby and nitro-powered models still offer great value for money, especially if you want to get as much airtime as possible. This is one of the reasons we've seen a resurgence in nitro fuel or IC (internal combustion) engine powered helicopters recently.

Lithium polymer battery packs have come down in price, but they are still relatively expensive when compared to nitro fuel and if you are learning and need to put in lots of flights, it's still much easier and faster to just top up the fuel tank than charge battery packs.

Thanks in part to technological advances, much of the setup has been made easier these days, but getting a helicopter tuned to your liking can still be a tricky and time-consuming task. That's where following the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines comes into play and is crucial to ensuring your model is ready for action. It's all about small setup and tuning details which can make all the difference to how a model flies and feels in the air and that will give you more confidence in it.

This in turn means you will get the most enjoyment from your helicopter and feel in control of it, rather than feeling like you're fighting it which can lead to frustration and ultimately could see your new pride and joy approaching the ground faster than intended and leading to the inevitable impact and expensive repairs.

As with many other things in life, having the knowledge, experience and of course the right tools will help you build and set up your models. This issue Rodney Kee has been looking at new tool kit from Soko which is becoming very popular.

It will allow you to set up your helicopter's swash-plate and rotor-blade pitch properly and is therefore an invaluable device for all heli pilots. It cleverly utilizes the latest technology in the form of a smartphone app and marries it successfully with a set of hardware tools therefore providing an interactive setup device.

If you're a more experienced pilot looking for a new helicopter and something a bit different you may be interested in this month's cover model. The Gaui name has become synonymous with competition success in recent years, thanks to top pilots such as Dunkan Bossion dominating international competition, and the brand now offers a superb range of machines.

The latest X7 Formula top of the range 3D model tested in this issue includes a number of upgrade parts that take this already high performance helicopter to the next level. This is an example of a manufacturer taking everything the team pilots have learnt and developed for competition and then filtering it down and into their model kits so that we all have the chance to enjoy the benefits and it seems Gaui has another winner on its hands.