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Survival Essentials

Survival essential refers to equipment that may be required in the situation that involves an emergency, catastrophe or general hardships. A survival kit is commonly carried in such events as the military armed forces in their line of duty. They are the basic survival supplies and tools that may be necessary in case of calamities in the course of their endeavors. They are packed in preparation for the journey whether it be air, sea or land such as desert survival, wilderness survival or bush craft survival. Since people cannot foresee the problems that may come their ways, the survival kit is composed of a number of survival tools that can be of help in various situations. Some of these situations may be bad weather, extremely cold or high temperature weather, insufficient foodstuffs or sudden storms at sea and other water bodies. This emergency equipment can also be carried by the air crew to help rescuing victims in case there is a plane crash.

Selecting the right survival equipment to include in the disaster kit is very essential when preferring for a journey. When packing a survival kit which is also known as a disaster kit or emergency kit, a survivalist has to prepare a list which helps to ensure that all the essential items are packed. The disaster kit contents differ from one group to another. This is because what one group needs may not be the exact requirement by another group. Emergency preparedness also depends on the journey being undertaken or the circumstances involved and environment. When packing the disaster kit the survivalist should pack only that survival equipment they might require.

Disaster kits enable the survivalist get ready for the disaster and also cope with it when it arises. This ensures the limitation of potential damage often caused as a result of a disaster say hurricanes or storms at sea. It also gives the best chance of survival in most any circumstance. Survival equipment is also used in disaster management to help mitigate damage or support recovery of the victims in case of a disaster.

The presence of survival equipment is also a way of being prepared for a disaster before it occurs. It is much easier to mitigate the effects of a disaster rather than letting them because more damage without doing anything. The survival equipment is separated to those that curb the disaster in the short run and those that help mitigate the risk in the long run. This means that when going on a short trip it would be unnecessary to include certain survival equipment in the disaster kit.

Disaster kits can be bought as a package, however, one can decide to buy the various survival equipment contained in the list depending on one’s location, nature of disaster foreseen among other factors. There are certain stores that sell these survival kits and others also have the option of selling survival equipment separately to suit survivalist who may not require the entire package.

Redback Aviation provides survivalist with the latest weather condition reporting equipment in the various parts of the country to help the citizens and non citizens who may be interested in the weather information. This information is often necessary to help them plan their journey or get ready for an impending catastrophe that may have the potential to cause damage or injury and disrupt people’s livelihoods.

Survival essentials may be in the form of foodstuffs such as MRE commonly referred to as camping food or long life food. In cases where a person may fear that they could face food shortages or perhaps they are traveling to arid or semi arid areas, it would be advisable to carry packed food as part of the survival kit. These packed foods may be in the form of emergency foods, say energy biscuits, supplementary food, and therapeutic food to mitigate risk in the case of extreme malnutrition. There can also be energy drink that while gives instant energy for an emergency situation, must be used with caution due to their dehydrating properties in the caffeine content.

Other necessary emergency preparedness and survival equipment includes the very essential navigation map, in the case the survivalist are going on adventurous journey. This would enable them trace the route in case they get lost in the course of the adventure. With this they can also carry with them a compass direction, so that in case the survivalists are separating into teams they would be able to locate the meeting point. Compasses are invaluable when it comes to emergency navigation for safety and survival.

A pen knife is also a great item to carry as it can be used as a first aid tool, defense tool and also in preparing foodstuffs. It can be used in different areas in the course of the journey. Similarly any sun protection would be part of the disaster kit to help protect ones skin and eyes. Certain areas especially the arid and semi arid areas receive lots of heat from the sun hence the UV rays would easily affect ones skin.

In the case of cold weather it would be very necessary to carry the correct clothing for proper insulation. Certain thermal equipment should be carried in case the people involved are visiting a cold region. This ensures that the survivalists are not affected by the weather condition. Cold weather can cause serious physical and mental challenges to the persons affected and easily causes death. Therefore it would be very necessary to carry proper insulation survival equipment. This depends on the area being visited and the time of the year. It would also be a good idea to study up on your bush craft skills for shelter building should the need arise.

A very essential survival tool is the first aid kit. People are prone to have accidents anywhere, it’s advisable to carry the first aid kit just in case someone is injured or experiences a complication. At times the region is far from hospital; a first aid would greatly help prevent further injuries or death. Otherwise people would easily die on adventures, camping hikes or such other activities no matter what their general health.

A lighting system should be part of the survival kit especially if the journey is going to go overnight. When darkness comes it is important to have some form of flashlight or torch light up. Modern LED torches are compact, have high operating times, and are very affordable. Additional lighting can be obtained by setting up a fire using a lighter or fire starter that is in the disaster kit. This fire can be used for lighting, cooking, scare away wild animals in case of camping. The fire can also provide warmth in cool areas.

A means of communication is also very important. Communication is very important especially in the case of the military for example. The team would have to pack communication devices in the survival kit to allow exchange of ideas - don't forget spare batteries!