The TKM MX 11 Radio From Microflight

Microflight TKM MX 11 VHF Radio


The TKM MX 11 is a new panel-mounted airband transceiver designed by Microflight specifically for ultralight and lightplanes.

The unit transmits on all 760-airband com channels and has a dual flip-flop feature that displays both the active and standby frequency.

It also has a 10-frequency memory, in which station number one is permanently set to the VHF emergency frequency, 121.5.

The FCC-approved TKM MX 11 produces 8-10 watts peak emitting power. It measures 6.25X1.75X12 inches, and comes with a slide-in mounting tray, electrical connectors, a wiring diagram and a three-year warranty.