Training Circular TC 3-04.43 Aircrew Training Manual, OH-58 Kiowa and TH-67 Creek Helicopter May 2012 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

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The Training Round (TC) 3-04.43 standardizes Aircrew Training Programs (ATPs) and flight examination treatments. This aircrew training handbook (ATM) provides certain guidelines for performing Observation Helicopter (OH)-58 AIR CONDITIONER and Training Helicopter (TH)-67 aircrew training. It is based upon training concepts laid out at the Military Training Network, located on the internet at:, under the Training Management tab. The OH-58A/ C and TH-67 ATM establishes crewmember certification, refresher, mission, and continuation training and examination requirements. This manual puts on all OH-58A/ C and TH ¬ 67 crewmembers and their leaders in the active Military, the Military National Guard (ARNG)/ Military National Guard of the United States (ARNGUS), and the United States. Military Reserve (USAR) unless otherwise stated. This handbook is not a stand-alone file; all requirements of Military Regulation (AR) 600-105 (Aviation Service of Rated Military Officers), AR 600-106 (Flying Condition for Non-rated Military Aviation Worker), National Guard policy (NGR) 95-210 (Military National Guard: General Provisions and Laws for Aviation Training), and training circular TC 3-04.11 (Aircrew Training Program [ATP] Leader's Guide to Individual Crew and Collective Training) to the ATP have to be met. If distinctions exist in between the maneuver description in the operator's manuals, this handbook is the regulating authority for training and flight examination purposes just. The operator's handbook is the regulating authority for operations of the airplane. Application of this manual conforms to AR 95-1 (Aviation Air travel Laws) and TC 3-04.11. If a problem exists in between this handbook and TC 3-04.11 then TC 3-04.11 will take precedence. This handbook will help aeronautics leaders, at all levels, establish an extensive ATP. By utilizing the ATM, leaders guarantee that individual crewmember and aircrew efficiency is commensurate with their systems' mission and that aircrews consistently use standard methods and treatments. Crewmembers will utilize this handbook as a "how to" source for performing crewmember responsibilities. It provides efficiency standards and examination guidelines so that crewmembers know the level of efficiency anticipated. Each task provides a description of how the task must be completed to satisfy the standard. Standardization officers, evaluators, and unit trainers (UTs) will utilize this handbook and TC 3-04.11 as main devices to aid the leader in developing and implementing the ATP. ATP leaders of active Military, NG and AR systems operating the OH-58A/ C and/or the TH-67 will utilize this ATM and TC 3-04.11 to establish individual leader's task lists (CTL) for designated pilots. ATP leaders with designated contract pilots (PIs) will establish individual leader's task lists tailored to the current contract position using this ATM, TC 3-04.11, AR 95-20 (Contractor's Air travel and Ground Operations [Note: this is also AFI 10-220], current flight training guides (FTGs) and/or regional command directives.

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