BENDIX/KING General Aviation Avionics Division

bendix king kx 125 nav comm

Introducing Bendix/Kings new KX 125, the digital NAV/COMM with the right name and the right price.


Developed for the value-conscious pilot, the KX 125 is ideal as a replacement radio for older aircraft, as a primary system for homebuilts or as a very affordable back-up. And, despite its low price, it comes with a complete list of features.

For example, its COMM section (based on our popular KY 97A) provides 760 frequencies, 'flip-flop' frequency selection, a built-in audio amplifier with sidetone and audio leveling, direct tuning, stuck-microphone alert, and even remote transfer of both COMM and NAV frequencies.

Its separate NAV section offers 200 frequencies, including localizer. Other NAV features include 'flip-flop' frequency selection, an "Auto-To" OBS select feature.

Radial and Bearing display modes, and DME and Glideslope channeling. It even comes with built-in CDI (Course Deviation Indicator) for VOR and localizer. This gives you the choice of using the built-in display or an optional separate indicator, such as Bendix/King's KI 208.

Fully TSO'd, the KX 125 has a highly-reliable, power-conserving liquid-crystal display (LCD) with adjustable backlighting. With a transmitter output of 7 watts nominal the KX 125 packs a full measure of performance into its 2-in. by 6.25-in. chassis.

Combining the reliability of our proven NAV/COMM technology with innovative design, the KX 125 is backed by Bendix/Kings standard two-year, "no-hassle" warranty, and supported worldwide by more than 1,000 dealers.