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THE COMPASS STORE: Are you into action and adventure sports? Possibly one who is into travel and hiking and hunting in the mountains or maybe you like camping or even four wheel driving? Well here is one thing often overlooked from inclusion to the typical backpack that could indeed save your life - the magnetic compass.

So what exactly is a magnetic compass. It’s a very ancient navigational instrument that measures directions in a frame of reference that is stationary relative to the surface of the earth. What? Well, in simple terms, it's a map for every possible situation - more than just telling you where north, south, east and west are by reading the compass direction.

Compasses come in two very different operating styles – the magnetic compass and the gyroscopic compass, both available here to buy at the compass store. The basic difference is that one compass is a passive operating device while the other compass is an active operating device. The magnetic compass was thought to be invented as early as the Chinese Han Dynasty and used by the military for navigational orienteering by the years 1040-1044. By the year 1117 the magnetic compass was also commonly used for maritime navigation. Actually, it’s not so important when buying compasses online, but I think that you start to understand how interesting a subject the simple compass can become, and you can get these compasses online right here today at our compass store.

Compass navigation becomes important and remains reliable when all modern electronic navigation methods are unavailable, eg; GPS and location beacons. For emergency preparedness, the simplest of emergency essentials is one of the many basic compasses online you see here at our compass store. Get your affordable beginners compass online today and be prepred.

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The SILVA 1-2-3 "How To Use A Compass" Method By Silva Compasses :: The Compass Store

When you buy compasses online, you want to make sure you are getting the right compass for the right job. Also understanding the compass points and how to use a compass or "reading a compass". Here at the compass store you can watch the following video which shows with amazing simplicity, the basics of compass reading practically in the field. So for those wanting to know how to use a compass, what compass to buy and other usefull orienteering tips, you get all this when you visit us here and buy your compass online at our compass store.

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The first compasses for sale were made of lodestone, a naturally magnetized ore of iron. Ancient Chinese people found that if a lodestone was suspended so it could turn freely, it would always point in the same direction, toward the magnetic poles - the magnetic compass points North - South. Thus the first experiment in how to use a compass.

Early compasses were used for geomancy "in the search for gems and the selection of sites for houses," but were later these early magnetic compasses were adapted for navigation during the Song Dynasty in the 11th century. Later compasses were made of iron needles, magnetized by striking them with a lodestone.

You may be surprised to learn that the antique versions of these magnetic compasses have become highly sort after collectables and are much in demand from historical compass connoisseurs though we only deal in new compasses online at our compass store.

They are very popular and still in active use. Compasses are still used by the military and by those of you who are training a sport orienteering. If you are looking for a cool gift for a friend who love's to decorate their homes in a retro style, the buying compasses online could be the answer. The compass would find a pleasant home above the fireplace for example. But if your gift is for those who like to travel all over the country or even the world, the compass will be very a perfect backup safety device, all available from our compass store.

So, if you have made the right decision to buy compasses online and chose an original gift that's a bit different or even exotic for a present like a magnetic compass, Weather Radio USA has an interesting range of models in our compass store such as these below:

  1. Prime Products 12-6021 Autorv Compass here at our compass store, which has a layout that as such, allows it to be mounted just about anywhere.

  2. 34 Brass Face Pocket Compass With cover Hiking and Camping from RedSkyTrader – I really liked this one! This unique and very solid compass has a spring loaded protective cover that opens easily and a top loop so you can attach it to your key chain, belt or backpack. These kinds of compasses have been used from travelers for years to determine their location as well as the location of their destination.

  3. Weems Plath Marine Navigation Nautical Slide Rule from Weems & Plath – this model also paid my attention because if your friend is rich enough he may have a yacht. Then he’ll definitely need a maritime navigational compass. If your friend is just an adventurer and loves the sea, this compass will be helpful for him too.

  4. Explorer Compass 23 Black Face Carabiner Compass for sale With Thermometer With Bronze Casing from Explorer Compass – this is a really interesting model. It’s a carabineer compass with bronze composition casing. It has a really extravagant surface.

  5. Suunto M-9 Wrist Compass from Suunto. The M9 compass is wrist wearable and looks a little James Bond-esq! Readily available for use and looks great! You can buy these popular compasses online right here at our compass store.

  6. Antique Large Brass Pocket Compass for sale by Stanley London – as we talked about the fireplace, this would be a great showpiece! This compass is a solid brass reproduction of a large antique pocket compass. The antique patina compass looks just like a 100 year old antique. The antique finish requires no maintenance and can be handled without fingerprints discoloring the brass.

  7. Follow Your Heart Pocket Compass from Jim Clift – I couldn’t miss this one. As you can see, it is marked with a special message, very symbolic as far as compasses go – "my heart will guide you home" - find your way following your heart! Isn’t it a really original present for a close friend? Buy Heart Pocket Compass here at Weather Radio.

Other very interesting model compasses online are Rothco Black Tacticale Engineering Lensatic Marching Compass; Ritchie X-21bb Compasses - Dash Mount by E.S. Ritchie; Rothco Zipper Pull Compass; Wenzel Lidded Compass; Ambient Weather Ws-108c Digital Compass; Scuba Compass; the official military wrist compass; Brunton Pin-on Luminescent Waterproof Ball Compass; Weems Plath Marine Navigation Protractor and others here at the compass store.

But all these examples are just a sample of the huge variety of compasses online that can be right here at our compass store. Looking to purchase compasses online? Just type the name of the model in the ‘search’ field and you’ll find additional information and an image for it here at our buy compass online store.

You will find many of the prices on our compasses online are considerably reduced! So enjoy browsing our compass shop right here at and dive into the sea of compasses, choosing the best and unique present and making you or a friend the happiest!

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Every week at various locations all around the world, hundreds and if not, thousands of people gather with maps and compasses in hand to participate in the exciting adventure that is orienteering. You can get your compasses online here today and save up to 40%.

With different categories such as park, street and bush or orienteering via compasses and map - the adventure sport is open to all ages.

People like the fact that this sport it is outdoors and in a different location every week providing varied challenges that always keeps the interest high. With the ease of purchasing compasses online, it becomes a very affordable past time.

Orienteering by compass can be performed as an individual sport or group sport creating a competitive aspect while also being a social event. Either way, you can get you compasses online at our well stocked compass store.

There are many people who just simply enjoy going for a walk so they come along with groups or friends and make an activity of it while enjoying some fresh air and taking in our glorious nature flora and fauna.

Some even choose to run the event almost as a cross country via compass challenge. Families often bring a picnic lunch along with the children and create a day of fun filled eduction while teaching valuable life saving and survival skills of navigation and outdoor awareness.

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SILVA is famous for its reliable orienteering compasses and now to meet the demands of the digital millennium they give us the Silva Nomad digital compass. The Silva Nomad has an inbuilt memory meaning that the user can now see both their set course and their degree of deviation. You simply set the desired course, the compass saves this information and warns you if you veer from your path.

It then shows you the degree to which you should veer right or left in order to get back on track. The Silva Nomad also automatically stores a correct counter course every time your set a course destination. This forward bearing and back bearing memory mean that you can always safely return to your starting point if you decide to turn around and head back.

The digital display is backlit making it an effective navigation tool at night or in poor light and the compass is capable of carrying out adjustments for magnetic declination to ensure accuracy. A low battery level indicator for its lithium battery warns you when your battery is about to die but at an estimated 500 hours of use, you're sure to be at your location by then or invest in a cheap magnetic compass as a back-up.

Multi-Function Electronic Compass

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A combination digital compass that also incorporates a thermometer, watch and super-bright LED flashlight. The compass displays bearings in degrees and cardinal points, has adjustable declination and a levelling bubble for enhanced accuracy. The thermometer reads temperatures from -20° to 60° in Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Clock function gives you the time in 12- or 24-hour format, month, date and day. It also has two daily alarms, along with a chronograph and timer. These units also have a backlight function for easy viewing in low light, and are water-resistant to 10 metres.


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