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Captain William "Costs" Clark, Army Special Forces (retired) and his bride-to-be of 42 years, Donna, reminisce of a time spent a world apart as they re-open the letters they sent to each other. It was Costs's third tour of task in Vietnam that called him away just after their first wedding event anniversary and it became Donna's first-hand experience as a Military better half throughout the Vietnam War. He was leaving her four months pregnant to have their first kid without him. She would face fears practically as traumatic as her spouse's security in battle. Throughout the Vietnam War Special Forces teams were supported by helicopters and their teams. They were undoubtedly the most heroic yet least rewarded systems throughout the war. They would show up when most needed, get the job done and leave as rapidly as they came. Ammunition and food were important in re-supplying border camps and patrols however absolutely nothing was more crucial than the mail; the only communication offered between couple and other enjoyed ones. In Costs's case he carried a plastic bag with an operations map, fixed, envelope, outgoing mail and letters he collected from Donna. "You have actually got mail" implied something special then as sending and getting mail was the highlight of a soldier's day and helped to sustain morale at a high level. In Vietnam they were called Pony Express Helicopters, the steeds of the old west with pilots, door gunners and crew chiefs as their riders, however deep down inside Costs called them by another name, secured his mind just to be shared with Donna ... previously. Donna and Costs assured each other they would write every day if for absolutely nothing more than to state I enjoy you and to remain existing. All their letters were eventually sent by mail and received. Despite the fact that Costs's mail material was limited by the Military Donna could write about anything and she managed to state everything. Together they carried on in humor and support of each other by way of Helicopter Love Mail. Love for one another through the trials of separation and the fear of the unidentified. Hubbies efforts to hide battle involvement, trying to reveal a positive attitude to hide lots of problems, and trying to solve problems half a world away with letter turnaround time of ten to thirty days. Other half's difficulties with maternity and raising newborn alone. Money and spending plan problems some induced since of Army finance problems. Issues with health mentally and physically. Non-Fiction, Memoirs, Love letters written throughout the Vietnam War. Married Couples, Military Households separated by deployment or war, older readers who were affected by the Vietnam War. Both mail and female given that book is written by couple. From the hubbies composing the tone is funny, helpful with options, and strange on his actions and tasks. From the better half the tone is more distressed, dramatic, helpful, and psychological. We composed the letters 40 years back and are still happily married. We wished to reveal the distinction in war then and war today as far as separation from spouses when we just had faith, hope, and love with mail as the only communication. We had no computers, no cellular phone, no land line phones, and 99 % of the time no real way to get in touch with each other since of Costs's seclusion. Over six hundred letters written half a world apart and delivered or gotten by helicopter in battle shows the time lag in communication with day-to-day composing from both Donna and Costs. Issues are laid out for all to see. As a couple genuinely in love however freshly married just to be separated by war and the dimension of time suffering from the fantastic fear of the unidentified.

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