No one to hold the camera? No problem with HEXO+

Action camera HEXO+ drone



HEXO+ radically changes the way footage is captured and action sports are documented, making Hollywood style shots accessible to all with its unique user tracking system and camera movements' library.

"As a film maker, exploring the world, doing more with less and having the ability to aerial shots in the most remote places will allow us to bring back more of a story to share."
Renan Ozturk

HEXO+ has been awarded at CES In Las Vegas earlier this month as best Drone of CES by Video maker, Best of CES by iPhoneLife and Showstopper "envisioneering innovation and design" award HEXO+ is incredibly easy to set up anywhere - simply use your smartphone app to set it on whatever path you desire to film you, and then focus solely on living the moment.

This simple, hands-free process allows for total creativity. Complex shots suddenly become straightforward, and the user can become both director and star of its own movie. HEXO+ captures your best actions in stunning, artistic ways, without anyone being left out of the picture.

"As a rider and film maker, I wanted to capture myself in action from a birdseye view, but getting a helicopter or crew to pilot a drone following me is expensive and cumbersome. HEXO+ is the perfect rider's companion to make amazing footage from above without a pilot".
Xavier De La Rue

HEXO+ is a flying camera that films and follows you autonomously. Just attach your GoPro to your drone, set your framing in the app and you're good to go! This package includes:

  • HEXO+ Drone
  • 3D GoPro Mount
  • HEXO+ App - "The directors toolkit"

Using your smartphone the HEXO+ drone autonomously tracks you ensuring you remain in shot whether you are snowboarding or running you can also choose to capture yourself in action from any angle, front, back, sides, above and everywhere in between, close up or far away. Enjoy the important stuff, the filming is taken care of, hands free!

Automatic following drone