Plans Built SkyTwister Helicopter

Registered Skytwister plans built helicopter

Showers Aero was created as a spin off from Ben Showers interpretation of the Adams Wilson plans built helicopter, the Plans Built SkyTwister Helicopter. Before the AW95 plans were released – there was a “race” between a number of helicopter buddies to come up with a viable flying, scratch built helicopter.

The basis of their designs was the Adams Wilson helicopter. There were frame improvements and adjustments, drive belt upgrades, and new two stroke aircraft engine installations (amongst others). The end result of Ben’s efforts was the SkyTwister Helicopter – overall a more technical version of the AW95 and sporting an enclosed tube-type tail boom.

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Plans Built SkyTwister Helicopter

The revival of the personal homebuilt helicopter owes some credit to Ben Showers interpretation of the Plans Built SkyTwister Helicopter