Enstrom F-Z8A Executive Helicopter

Enstrom helicopters

Enstrom F-Z8A Executive Helicopter

Complements the air travel job of the fixed-wing corporate aircraft. This low-priced, time-saving Enstrom helicopter is strong, straightforward in design, and carries three people up and over congested highway traffic with proven safety.

Its reliable Lycoming 205 h.p. engine powers the Enstrom at speeds over 100 mph. Enstrom operating costs are lower than any other helicopter. The Enstrom rotor system is unique, in that its main rotor blades are FAA certified for infinite life.

Enstrom helicopter executive transport

The autorotational capabilities of the Enstrom are the best in the industry. And unlike any other helicopter, the Enstrom can be trimmed for “hands-off ” flight, making the transition for fixed-wing pilots an easy one. Our heavily muffled exhaust system makes the Enstrom extremely quiet, both inside and out.

Professional pilots and company executives can get the facts on the safest, quietest and most beautiful three-place helicopter you can buy by writing our Marketing Department.

Travel all the way by air with an Enstrom.


No need to baby the F-28A. Rugged construction assure s go-anywhere travel, low maintenance. It carries 700 lbs. useful load, moves out at over 100 mph. and sets down almost anywhere. High-lift rotor dis c has 32-ft. diameter, spins a safe nine feet above the ground.

Wide CG travel is allowable so that bulky loads can be strapped on with stability maintained. Floats, spray equipment, flood lights can be added. Doors are easily removable. The F-28A is a husky machine designed to work hard.

Strong and Straightforward Helicopter Design

Nothing tricky or complicated about the construction of the F-28A. A rugged rotor system provides for a six inch center of gravity travel permitting wide variance of loading of the helicopter and great stability in flight.

Control system is completely enclosed and protected from weather. FAA certified infinite fatigue all-metal main rotor blades and long life tail rotor. Single-stage main rotor gear box also drives tail rotor through trouble-free straight-line drive.

Single wide belt with multiple grooves transmits power from the 205-hp. Lycoming to main rotor gear box. Idler pulley is liked to horizontally-mounted engine, making it possible to run power plant without turning rotor. Lycoming Hl0-360-C1B is fuel-injected, cooled by axial flow fan.

Three seat Enstrom helicopter

Auxiliary fuel pump is provided as standard equipment and collective pitch-throttle coordination is built in. Shaft driven tachometer clearly interprets rotor and engine rpm and provides maximum engine interpretation dependability. Cabin shell is strongly reinforced for maximum passenger safety.

Enstrom 480B USA Helicopter

Well-engineered heating and ventilation system. Everything built by Enstrom on the entire machine is warranted for six months or 400 hours, whichever comes first. A rugged machine, a beautiful machine, a safe machine. Backed by Enstrom wherever it flies.


Spacious 61 inches of cabin seating gives over 20 inches of hip room for each of three front-seat occupants. Center sea t easily removed. Unique low-profile horizontal instrument panel facilitates fixed-wing pilot transition, allows dual pilot viewing.

Early Enstrom helicopter instrument panel

Super-soundproofing for ultra quiet cabin, efficient heating system provided standard. Low cabin underside, 26 in. above ground, facilitates easy entry. Fuselage baggage compartment behind passenger section has seven cu. ft. volume.


Enstrom wanted to design a good-looking machine and we did. We’ve complemented the basic clean lines by bringing in designers for the interior and exterior and allowing them to use their imagination. Results are mighty agreeable.

Enstrom F-28A Executive Helicopter

Using U. S. Paint’s Alumigrip for what we believe to be the best of the new polyurethane finishes, we’ve brought slick exterior styling to the F-28A. Interiors are crafted with fine fabrics, hard-use metal parts are well chromed.

Enstrom helicopter rotor head

Flair and good styling, yes, with the accent on durability. Select your choice of interior fabrics and unusually attractive exterior paint designs from a wide assortment when you order your Enstrom. No other helicopter can match this one for beauty. It’s in a class by itself.

Enstrom helicopter for business

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Enstrom F-Z8A Executive Helicopter
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