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Helicopter basic aeronautical knowledge

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Helicopter Flight Controls

The collective, cyclic and anti-torque pedals all interact with the engine and rotor rpm to give both harmony and control of flight direction.

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Helicopter Three Axes of Flight

Understanding the three axis’s of flight is essential to flying ANY aircraft. Learning this will allow understanding flight controls when transitioning between aircraft types including – fixed wing, rotary wing, and microlights such as powered parachutes and trikes.

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Helicopter Torque

Helicopters are said to want to “pull themselves apart” due to so many differing natural forces in it’s operation. These must be kept in balance by coordinating five (5) different controls to maintain flight. One of the most obvious is the torque produces by an engine turning the main rotor blades, and the helicopter body’s desire to turn in the opposite direction because of both torque and resistance. This is while traditional

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Helicopter Airfoils

The cross sectional shape of the helicopters rotor blades determines the life it produces as it passes through the air. The basic helicopter rotorblade airfoil is known as NACA 0012 (symmetrical), though there are many different profiles available, both symmetrical and asymmetrical providing various performance variations in both hover and in directional flight.

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