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Helicopter Parts Suppliers

Helicopter Parts & Accessories Suppliers

A brieft listing of experimental helicopter parts suppliers. While some of the companies listed are “auto” suppliers – the advice is to NEVER mention aircraft – flying – or helicopter, otherwise it is unlikely they will do business with you due to fear of liability.

Please report any dead links. While we endeavour to keep links up-to-date, websites can disappear over night without notice. This particular list seems to shrink every time we review it. Unfortunately, helicopters and their parts are expensive to manufacture and buy limiting the business available to build profits on.

Helicopter & Aircraft Engines

Helicopter engine suppliers

Hirth Aircraft Engines: The American distributor for Hirth 2-stroke engines.

Prop Engineering: T62 turbine parts and service plus AW95 parts made to order.

Raven Redrives: Suzuki 3cyl and 4cyl auto engines and reduction drives.

General Aviation

General aviation spare parts

Aircraft Spruce & Specialty: A large collection of experimental aircraft supplies.

Wicks Aircraft Supplies: A large collection of experimental aircraft supplies.

Engine Ignition Systems

Complete engine ignition systems

Simple Digital Systems: Generic EFI and Ignition system adaptable to various auto and aviation engines.

Aircraft Instruments

Aircraft instrument suppliers

Westach Various instruments including dual rotor/engine tachometers.

Aircraft Metals

Aircraft grade chromoloy steel tube

▣ See Aircraft Spruce or Wicks above for U.S.A (will also ship internationally)

AED Motorsport Products (U.S.A): Suppliers of 4130 grade chromoly steel and other metals.

Airport Metals (Australia): Suppliers of aviation grade steel and aluminium materials.

Performance Metals (Australia): Suppliers of aviation grade steel and aluminium materials.

Helicopter Modifications

Helicopter modifications services

EPI Inc: Rotorway belt drive conversions plus other engine and gearbox information.

Pro Drive Inc: Rotorway belt drive conversions plus many other aftermarket options for Execs.

Safari NZ: Safari and former Babybell Helicopter modifications and aftermarket parts.

Helicopter Related Parts and Assemblies

Homebuilt helicopter parts

Speedway: Alternative main rotor gearbox similar to Rotorway “Jet-Exec” conversions.

Winters: Alternative main rotor gearbox similar to Rotorway “Jet-Exec” conversions.

Composite FX: Accessories and mods for the Mosquito kit helicopter.

Helicopter Rotor Blades

Helicopter rotorblade suppliers

Advanced Technologies Incorporated: Composite custom rotorblades as used on the Ultrasport range of kit helicopters.

Composite Technology Inc: Custom high performance rotorblades made for earlier Safari Helicopter and many other experimental helicopters.

Safarinz: Titanium tail rotor blades to suit Safari 2 seat kit helicopters.

Safarinz: Rotorway & Safari helicopter composite rotorblades.

Helicopter Rotor Speed Governors

Homebuilt helicopter rotor speed governor

No listing currently available…

Please feel free to contact us to have relevant suppliers listed here.


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