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Builder Support For Kit Built Helicopters

While we all get excited at the prospect of building our own helicopter, but when it comes to the reality of assembling the hundreds of parts, along with balance and alignments – the task soon becomes monumental. Here we present – “helicopter builder support” – a number of qualified and/or experienced kit helicopter professionals to assist you in your journey to completion of your own helicopter.

If you offer official builder assistance to homebuilt helicopter experimenters, please contact us to have your helicopter builder support details listed here – it’s totally FREE!

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Jet Exec Info – KISS Aviation Support Page – Rotorway Exec turbine conversions

Hockessin, Delaware – Air Kraft Inc. – Rotorway Exec turbine conversions

If you offer official builder assistance to homebuilt helicopter and kit built helicopter experimenters, please contact us to have your details listed here.

learn aircraft gas welding

Students become teachers at the Welding Workshop

When you head to the Welding Workshop in the Workshops Area at SUN ’n FUN, volunteers are standing by to teach you the intricacies of welding.

But don’t be surprised if some of those volunteers are students at the Central Florida Aerospace Academy — and then don’t be surprised that these kids really know their stuff. When we visited the workshop on Thursday, Jacob Herstine, a 14-year-old freshman, was working with Philip Mull, an A&P student in Ocala.

So how did Philip feel about being taught by a high school freshman? “Not a problem,” he said. “He really knows his stuff.” According to Jacob, he learned everything he knows at his father’s body shop. “I was always into hands-on stuff,” he said.

So when he saw a sign-up sheet to volunteer at the workshop, he signed up. He spends hours volunteering each day during the fly-in, helping attendees learn the fine art of welding. Once he graduates from CFAA, Jacob plans to enlist in the Air Force as an A&P mechanic.

“Once I retire, I want to be a missionary pilot,” he said, noting he’s learning to fly through the Civil Air Patrol. According to volunteer Edgar Yohe, most people who attend the welding workshop have no problem being taught by the students.

“These kids have got it in them to give back to the community,” he said. “They are transferring their knowledge. I learn from them and they learn from me.” The Workshops Area is near the Buehler Restoration Skills Center.

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