Michigan Ultralight Helicopter Project

Michigan homebuilt helicopter project

Homebuilt Helicopter From Michigan

Ultralight helicopter project with fenestron, Michigan

helicopter carbon fiber fenestron

Experimental Twin Engine Helicopter project for ambitious person with engineering and fabrication abilities.

original design two seat aluminum helicopter

Most of what you need to finish is included however no gauges are provided and you will have to design and build gearbox enclosures for engines and transmission.

homebuilt diy helicopter fenestron

Blade molds are included to make fiberglass rotor blades and engines are Suzuki TL1000. Mazda Rotary parts and separate transmission is included from earlier design. Almost everything is carbon fiber and titanium.

two seat homemade helicopter

Twin engine design uses two Suzuki TL1000 engine upper ends with BMW crankshafts. The planetary gears from a Chrysler automatic transmission gives a 2:1 instant choice of 9,000 rpm or 4,500 rpm.

build your own helicopter design

If a engine should fail you can instantly shift the speed of the remaining engine from 4,500 cruising rpm to 9,000 rpm to maintain altitude. By stopping the outer shell rotation of the planetary gear does the shifting.

3D cad homebuilt helicopter design

Michigan Ultralight Helicopter Project
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Michigan Ultralight Helicopter Project
Michigan Ultralight Helicopter Project, little is known about this new homebuilt helicopter design other than the brief description given with these photos.
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Redback Aviation
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4 Comments on "Michigan Ultralight Helicopter Project"

  1. I recently came across an article about a helicopter project you did. I believe I’ve acquired the same or very similar helicopter that was started but never finished. I’m wondering if it’s at all possible you have some contact info for the builder or any more information about it. The one I’ve got is a pile of parts and a fuselage but no paper work or anything else.

    • Hi Chris, we hope that posting publicly here, someone may be able to help track down the original designer or builder. There is also a possibility someone out there may be able to assist you professionally with your project?

  2. Would there be any way to get intouch with the original owner who made this helecopter

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