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VIDEO: Scheutzow BEE Promotional Video

An amazingly different take on the typical helicopter rotor mechanics…..and it works! Must say – I love the innovation.

Low-cost Helicopter

The Scheutzow Helicopter Corp, of Columbia Station, Ohio, hopes to get FAA certification next year for its Model B two-seat light weight, low-cost helicopter, and to produce 191 of the type for sale in 1969. A belt-driven Flexhub system designed and patented by Mr Webb Scheutzow eliminates the need for a gearbox.

Empty weight is 1,0001b, and gross weight is 1,5501b. Max speed is 85 m.p.h. and hovering in ground effect is possible at up to 10,000ft. The price is expected to be $16,700 (£7,000) ex-works.

The aircraft was designed by Webb Scheutzow around a new type of rotorhead that he had developed, the FLEXIHUB. In this system, the two main rotor blades were mounted in rubber bushes, reducing vibration and requiring no lubrication.

The design was otherwise entirely conventional, consisting of a cabin with two seats arranged side-by-side, a centrally-mounted engine and rotor mast, and an open-truss tail boom of triangular section that carried a two-blade tail rotor. The undercarriage consisted of skids.

The frame was constructed of welded steel tube and the cabin was constructed of sheet metal. Power was transmitted from the engine to the rotor by a series of belts, eliminating the need for a gearbox and minimizing cabin noise.

Scheutzow Bee Helicopter Specifications
Crew 1 pilot
Capacity 1 passenger
Length 31 ft 2 in (9.50 m)
Main rotor diameter 27 ft 0 in (8.23 m)
Height 8 ft 6 in (2.59 m)
Main rotor area 573 ft2 (53.2 m2)
Empty weight 1,135 lb (514 kg)
Gross weight 1,685 lb (764 kg)
Powerplant 1 × Lycoming IVO-360-A1A, 180 hp (134 kW)
Maximum speed 94 mph (150 km/h)
Range 175 miles (280 km)
Service ceiling 13,000 ft (1,960 m)

VISIT Wikipedia for more information.

VIDEO: Homebuilt Coaxial Helicopter – Japan

This design looks very similar to the Nolan pendulum coaxial helicopter design though seems to be powered by the more reliable Subaru EA82 four stroke engine.

VIDEO: Early Hungaro Helicopter – Homebuilt Helicopter Built in Hungary

This clip appears to be of the early Hungaro Helicopter with a four stroke Subaru auto engine for plenty of power.

Hungaro Helicopter Composite rotor blade

The composite materials are the most suitable to meet the aerodynamics and mechanical requirements for example: low structural mass, but also durable rotor blades. In the aerospace industry, the most widely used matrix composites are the carbon fiber, fiberglass and carbon fiber epoxy resin reinforced with aramid-fiber, from the wide variety of these components, the materials have to be selected to manufacture of the rotor blades and to define the manufacturing processes.

During the design of the blades, and by the requirements of strength-, stiffness-,the manufacturability is also has to be taken into account under the circumstances, therefore, a solid shaft, a closed box structure (monolithic) main spar has been developed, which is carboxylic aramid hybrid epoxy pepreg which is suitable recording the full load what is affecting to the rotor.

Whereas the order of layers of unidirectional (UD – Uni Directional) 0o orientation (the paddle same longitudinal axis direction) carbon reinforcing fiber webs, and +/- 45 ° fiber direction of carbon tissue has been designed, optimized in accordance with the loads occurring. The monocoque sandwich structure is reinforced with Nomex honeycomb.

Written by Imre Koncz aircraft-mechanical engineer.

Hungaro Helicopters: Visit there website here.


Scheutzow BEE Helicopter Video - YouTube Helicopter Videos

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