Scout Aero Three Seat Scout Helicopter

Scout Aero Versatile Kit Helicopter

Correspondence from Kiev, Ukraine…

“Hi Adam, our company Scout Aero has recently designed, tested and started to produce a new 3 seat 3 blade helicopter kit. It’s called the Scout helicopter, the first flight was in January 2015 and we were on display at Oshkosh Airventure 2015. So far we have built two helicopters with a combined 250 hrs total flight time.”

scout helicopter take off

From concept to completion – Scout Aero’s New Helicopter design

DOWNLOAD: Scout Helicopter PDF

A new kit helicopter for the market – the Scout Helicopter is innovative, versatile and to top it off, one of the best looking machines I’ve seen in a long time. While we publish much about homebuilt and kit built helicopters, it isn’t often we see such a well thought out design available in kit form.

scout helicopter production line

Most impressive is the use of a certifiable fuel injected IO-390 aircraft engine offering greater power, economy and reliability to most altitudes. The engine bay is compact yet fully accessible for all maintenance and pre-flight inspections.

IO 390 helicopter engine wiring

While air-cooled engines are an issue in fixed wing aircraft, they are right at home in a helicopter. Proven in all weather extremes, the direct fan-forced cooling allows consistent temperature control keeping the engines thermal properties consistent.

scout helicopter assembly

The helicopter oozes Eastern European precision engineering and modern manufacturing processes with the latest aero-industry materials for strength and safety.

scout aero helicopter factory

So how would you build a helicopter? Scout Aero have paid particular attention to the safety aspect of their design, incorporating multiple impact absorption zones from the seat right through to the landing gear and everything in between.

scout helicopter airframe

To finish off this “near perfect” beast – Scout Aero have given the Scout helicopter the versatility of a commuter, pleasure craft, transporter and commercial operations with it’s ability to carry three persons (including pilot) over 300 miles and up to 20,000 feet!

comfortable 3 seat kit helicopter

On the list of what’s available, you have the Safari, the Rotorway and the R22 as the main contenders. But if you are looking for a new, modern, and versatile light utility helicopter for a great price, this is it!

new scout helicopter kit

Scout Aero’s promo “MAKE NEW DISCOVERIES” – We have created a new helicopter to give you the ability for new adventures.

Scout Aero scout helicopter kit

The point of the new helicopter made clear – there needed to be something different about the design to appeal to would-be helicopter buyers: “Majority of civilian helicopters have 2 seats. The Scout kit helicopter has a large and comfortable cockpit where 3 people can sit comfortably. So, you can invite one more friend to joint you on your new adventures.”

VIDEO: Scout Helicopter Manufacturing process


scout helicopter safety

RANGE: 357 miles – The maximum range is the distance an aircraft can fly between takeoff and landing without refueling.

CRUISE: 111 mph – The speed of aircraft in which flight is most fuel efficient.

SERVICE CEILING: 20,300ft – The service ceiling is the maximum usable altitude of an aircraft.

ENDURANCE: 3.2hrs The amount of time the helicopter can stay airbourne,

HOVER IN GROUND EFFECT (HIGE): 9800ft – The high power requirement needed to hover out of ground effect is reduced when operating in ground effect. Ground effect is a condition of improved performance encountered when operating near (within 1/2 rotor diameter) of the ground.


scout helicopter lycoming engine mount

During the Scout Helicopter creation process we gave particular attention to safety of the helicopter. To increase Scout’s safety we equipped the aircraft with Landing Gear and Passengers and Pilot Seats Absorb System. Scout helicopter successfully passed through all relevant crash tests.

Energy absorbing landing gear

To assure safety of a rotorcraft it must be equipped with various energy absorbers (energy-absorbing seats, shock-absorbing landing gears, absorbing elements in the sub-floor, etc.), which attenuate the acceleration level sustained by the occupants.

Autorotation ability

Autorotation is a state of flight where the main rotor system of a helicopter continues turning during an engine out situation. The upwards passage of air through the rotor blades from below continues blade rotation as it decends (within it’s flight parameters). By using autorotation helicopter’s pilot is able to land the rotorcraft safely.

Crash tested airframe

A crash test is a form of destructive testing usually performed in order to ensure safe design standards in crash-worthiness and crash compatibility.

three seat helicopter kit

Scout Helicopter Specifications
Engine power 210 hp
Maximum flight duration 3,2 hours
Maximum flight range 600 km
Maximum altitude 2990 m
Maximum speed 209 km/h
Cruising speed 187 km/h
Climbing ability 8 m/s
Full length (incl. rotor) 9,32 m
Height 2,6 m
Chassis width 1,97 m
Cockpit width 1,59 m
Empty weight 450 kg
Maximum takeoff weight 882 kg
new scout kit helicopter airframe

The Scout Kit helicopter uses a modern 210 hp air cooled engine vertically mounted.

The new Scout Helicopter uses a mix of the old and the new. Sound, proven techniques along with modern ingenuity. It’s layout is similar to the Bell 47, Hiller and Safari helicopters with vertical mounted air cooled, aircraft engine with direct drive fan for reliable cooling.

SCOUT HELICOPTER POWERPLANT: Lycoming IO-390 or the IOX-390LS for high altitude

The IO-390 family of engines, which Lycoming refers to as the IO-390-X, produce 200 hp (149 kW) to 215 hp (160 kW). The IO-390 was developed from the similar IO-360 engine, by using cylinders from the IO-580 to increase the O-360’s cylinder bore. It features a tuned induction system, roller tappets and Slick Start ignition.

The engine has a fuel injection system which meters fuel in proportion to the induction airflow with fuel vaporization taking place at the intake ports. The engine has a displacement of 390 cubic inches (6.39 litres). The cylinders have air-cooled heads.

Design Concept

Aleksander Shostak – project manager, Art. Lebedev Studio

“The appearance of the helicopter borrows from automotive design making it more understandable and attractive to amateur pilots. The engine uses standard A-95 gasoline which allows refueling at regular gas stations. This effectively removes any restrictions on the Scout’s flying range.”

scout concept helicopter kit

“The task that we and Art. Lebedev Studio had to accomplish was a challenging one, as the specifics of helicopter industry pose a lot of design restrictions. Frankly speaking, some of our engineers had occasional thoughts that we would get nowhere and the project was just a waste of time and money, but the product designers were not giving up and together we were steadily moving towards our goal. It was not an easy road, but the result is worth the effort. Once again, I would like to acknowledge the determination of the studio’s team, as well as their creativity and design genius. Most people would’ve given up at the first stages.”

“Aleksander Shostak”

“Project Manager”

VIDEO: Scout Helicopter Flight

scout helicopter profile

3 seat scout helicopter kit

scout kit helicopter design

Scout Aero helicopter team

The Scout Aero Team

SCOUT AERO: Scout Aero

MANUFACTURING: Horizon Research And Engineering Center

original scout helicopter design


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  1. Jérôme LIEVRE-CORMIER | March 11, 2018 at 5:57 pm | Reply

    great report about a great machine
    is it sold in Europe?

    • You can contact Scout Aero here:
      They will be able to assist you further with sales and availability. Personally, I think this is one of the best new helicopters to hit the market in some time, and am impressed with it’s engineering an design layout. If you end up purchasing one, we’d love to here a report from you?

  2. Hi all – great news!

    The Scout helicopter is now available for demo flights now in New Garden airport (N57) 1235 Newark Rd, Toughkenamon, PA 19374, USA.

    If you are interested in purchasing, please feel free to call me for further information.

    Vladimir. Scout Aero.

    Coatesville Pa Tel 949-351-1339

  3. I’ve had the opportunity to fly the Scout helicopter several times. It’s a superb design, smooth operating, easy to fly, and fuel efficient helicopter. My order is in for the next available kit. Builder assist is also available.

    • Great to hear! The Scout helicopter looks to be one of those points in time where we see small helicopters evolve, and the Scout certainly does that. Please keep us posted (here or via the contact form), we’d love to do a “buyer/builder” story?

      Kind regards,


  4. What does kit cost

  5. Brooks Cooley | May 17, 2019 at 10:51 pm | Reply

    Hi Adam. I’d love to do a builder/owner/pilot story. Please contact me at I’ll fill you in on the details of this new kit helicopter thats about to take the market by storm!! The Scout is now a 2019 Sun-N-Fun show winner. It was the best piston helicopter in the 200+ HP category. I’ll be in Oshkosh for the 2019 EAA Fly In. Look us up there also. We will have an exhibitor’s booth for the entire show. Demo flights will be available throughout the show. See You There!!

  6. What is the average hourly operating cost?

  7. Richard Dauteuil | February 10, 2021 at 6:45 pm | Reply

    i would like to set up an appointment to test fly your machine, i know you prefer weekends

  8. This is an kit engineered helicopter that has real potential under FAA 51% rule. Surprisingly the water cooled Lycoming is lighter weight then the air cooled Lycoming! Vlad is working hard on this. Since its manufactured in the Ukraine along with the AK1-3 does not fall under EASA or EU trade agreements under the NAA. That is a real shame. Trade agreements with Ukraine are in limbo so call your US representatives and Senators to hurry this along….

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