Revolution Helicopters Mini 500 Introduction

Mini 500 Helicopter HistoryRevolution Helicopters Mini 500 Helicopter History

Revolution Helicopter’s Mini 500 Kit Helicopter


The first new Mini-500 shown in the photograph nearing completion, was pulled off the production line and displayed at the 1991 EAA Fly-In in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

“We just made out 52nd sale and many of these customers should expect to receive their aircraft sometime by the end of this year,” said Dennis Fetter, chief designer and president at Revolution Helicopter Corp.

“The interest in the aircraft has been overwhelming!”, Fetters said. “Although RHC anticipates an extremely large domestic market, surprisingly, two thirds of its advance sales have been overseas”, said Fetters.

RHC makes the Mini-500 affordable and practical for almost anyone to own their own helicopter. Before, it was impractical because of the tremendous expense involved in operating and maintaining a helicopter.

“The total design spectrum of the Mini-500 is a one-man utility and sport aircraft providing true helicopter capabilities and performance”, Fetters said.

VIDEO: Original promotional Mini 500 video

The Mini-500 is inherently more stable than helicopters of its type primarily because of the new patent pending control system. The use of this machine is only limited by one’s imagination! Already inquiries and purchases have been made for recreation, commuting, agricultural, medical, traffic and border patrol, among others.

VIDEO: Factory Destructive Testing of the Mini-500 helicopter

Dennis Fetters is still contactable at though the Mini 500 is no longer in production.

Want the short version of the Mini 500 history? …read the full story here Aero News Network.

Mini 500 Helicopter Standard Equipment Includes
Vacu-Formed Instrument Panel Dual Rotor and Engine Tachometer Carpeting and Trim
Magnetic Compass Sensitive Altimeter Vacu-Formed Interior Panels
Hourmeter Control Friction Locks Form-Fitted Fully Upholstered Seat
Slip and Bank Indicator Electric Starter Removable Cabin-Access Doors
Engine Coolant Temperature Extra Space for Additional Equipment Pre-Balanced Main Rotor Blades
Vertical Speed Indicator Navigation and Landing Lights Ground Handling Wheels
Air-speed Indicator Throttle Correlation Electric Clutch Engagement

Mini 500 Helicopter Descriptive Data

Mini 500 Helicopter Main Rotor
Articulation Semi-rigid teetering
Number of Blades 2
Diameter 19 feet
Blade Chord 8 inches (Constant)
Tip Speed @ 100% RPM 547 FPS or 373 MPH
Blade RPM 550

Mini 500 Helicopter Tail Rotor
Articulation Free to teeter, rigid in-plane
Number of Blades 2
Diameter 3 feet 10 inches
Blade Chord 4 inches
Precone Angle 2 degrees
Tip Speed @ 100% RPM 536 FPS or 365 MPH
Blade RPM 2671

Mini 500 Helicopter Drive System
Engine to Upper-Sheave (Two) Two groove power band V-belts with 2.433:1 speed reducing ratio
Upper-Sheave to Drive line Sprague type over running clutch
Drive line to Main Rotor Spiral-bevel ring and pinion with 4.857:1 speed reducing ratio
Drive line to Tail Rotor Spiral-bevel gears

Mini 500 Helicopter Powerplant
Model Rotax 582
Type Two cycle two cylinder, rotary valve engine, lubrication by oil pump, liquid cooled, with integrated water pump
Displacement 580.7 cm3 (35.41
Normal Rating 67 BHP @ 6500 RPM

Temperatures Operational Values

Mini 500 Helicopter CHT: (Cylinder Head Temperature)
Normal 110-130°C (230-270°F)
Max 150°C (300°F)
Difference Between 2 Cylinders 10°C (36°F)

Mini 500 Helicopter EGT: (Exhaust Gas Temperature)
Normal 500-620°C (930-1150°F)
Max 650°C (1200°F)
Difference Between 2 Cylinders 25°C (45°F)
Crankcase Temperature Maximum 80°C (175°F)
Cooling Liquid Temp Max 80°C (175°F)

Mini 500 Helicopter Timing System
Ignition Type Breakerless DUCATI capacitor discharge dual ignition with magneto generator
Generator Output 170W AC at 6000 l/min. and 13.5V RMS
Ignition Timing 1.96mm = .077 in. (18") BTDC

CARBURETOR 2 x BING 36, cable choke
FUEL Regular automotive gasoline, octane number not below MON 83 or RON 90 (unleaded preferred)
LUBRICATION OF ENGINE Super-two stroke oil, proposed ASTM/CEC standard TSC 3, mixing ratio 1:50 (2%) by oil pump
ENGINE T.B.O 500 hour maximum

Revolution Helicopter Mini-500

February 1994 Report.

DIY Mini 500 kit homemade helicopter

Our hats are off to the fine folks at Revolution Helicopter, for having the foresight and ingenuity to survive the great midwestern floods of 1993. Production facilities have moved to higher ground and we are happy to be able to report that all is well in Revolution land.

The Mini-500 is a single-seat, metal-and-composite helicopter with some impressive statistics. And it looks real good, too. Optional equipment being planned for the future includes: floats, a cabin heater, and auxiliary fuel tanks, but as it stands now, all available equipment is standard.

Powered by a Rotax 582 producing 67 horsepower, the Mini-500 looks and acts like a real helicopter. The machine stands 8 feet 1 inch high with a length of 22 feet 6 inches, and weighs in at 330 pounds. The two-bladed rotor is 19 feet long. Control inputs are accomplished via traditional collective, cyclic, and anti-torque pedals.

Sounds like a real helicopter so far, doesn’t it? Top speed is listed as 95 mph, cruise will work out to 75. Fifteen gallons of fuel can be carried on board, giving the bird an ultimate range of 225 miles while burning unleaded auto fuel at the rate of five gallons per hour.

The climb rate isn’t bad, either: 1100 feet per minute with vertical takeoffs and landings. Maybe the two most exciting aspects of the Mini-500 are the facts that the kit comes complete, which means the kit cost and the cost to complete it are the same.

You can interpret this as: the engine is included in the kit. The estimated time to build this sucker is pretty impressive too-only 40 to 60 hours. Just think: one good week off from work and you could be flying your own personal helicopter.

The kit price is $24,500 (1994 prices)complete-as I said, that’s the only way it comes. Info packs are $15 and the video (also available in PAL) is $30. Technical assistance is available to builders that hit a snag through a hot-line service operated by dealers and the factory.

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Mini 500 Kit Helicopter

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  2. Is the mini 500 still in production and what would it cost if I wanted to get a kit

    • No, the Mini 500 is not still in production – though every now and then used or un-built Mini 500 helicopters come up for sale. There are also some companies that purchased the rights to manufacture the Mini 500 under different names, again, I’m not sure if they are still operation. Covid has damaged many businesses world wide including aviation.

  3. I am very interested in purchasing a kit 500 mini helicopter and what is the cost for the kit and are they still in production

    • Unfortunately the original manufacturer has been out of business for around 20 years+. The manufacturing rights have changed hands a few times and we are unaware of who holds them currently. They do not seem to advertise this helicopter anywhere, anymore.

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