Two Seat Mosquito Swift Helicopter

Swift helicopter design by John Uptigrove

Mosquito Swift Kit Helicopter By John Uptigrove

Mosquito Swift – Canadian two seat ultralight helicopter designed in 2016 by the Mosquito Helicopter designer John Uptigrove.

Initially the concept for the Mosquito Swift helicopter was created by it’s Canadian designer in 2013 and, was firstly intended to be based on the Mosquito XE design kit helicopter. It was soon decided to abandon that idea and create a completely new model of aircraft that is different from any previous helicopters manufactured by Composite FX.

Mosquito Swift helicopter engine main rotor gearbox

Mosquito Swift helicopter engine & main rotor gearbox

The new Mosquito Swift helicopter model has a modern design that is not only attractive, but also provides impressive aircraft aerodynamics, which in turn reduces drag during flight and provides lower fuel consumption and a higher top speed. In addition, the Mosquito Swift helicopter also possesses the excellent maneuverability seen in the earlier kit helicopter models by retaining the through shaft cyclic and collective system of control.

Swift two seat kit helicopter engine bay

Swift two seat kit helicopter engine bay frame work.

The first flight of the prototype Mosquito Swift helicopter was made in 2016 with impressive results during all flight tests. With the positive test flight outcome, the next move was to prepare for production of the aircraft. Following the success and popularity of the previous Mosquito Air Kit Helicopter, Mosquito XE Helicopter and Mosquito XEL Kit Helicopters, the new two seat Swift helicopter is expected surpass sales of these single seaters offering more versatility for customers.

Swift-two seat kit helicopter cabin

The Mosquito Swift helicopters cabin has been kept compact yet comfortable allowing adequate space and seating for a pilot and passenger. Taking after the earlier Mosquito single seat kit helicopter range, ease of construction has rated high in this new helicopter design. The two seat helicopter allows for more flight options and adventures to be shared with a friend or partner.

New kit helicopter two seat Swift

Not surprisingly, the new Mosquito Swift aircraft is equipped with dual controls that allows you to use it for teaching and training future pilots. Despite the fact that the helicopter’s cabins size has been increased for two seats, there isn’t much in the way of cargo carrying capability due to its limited space and size.

VIDEO: Swift Kit Helicopter Assembly Time Lapse Construction 001

The Mosquito Swift helicopter is equipped with a four stroke – piston power plant consisting of a four-cylinder aircraft engine variant of the Lycoming IO-360, which is rated at 185 hp with an intended maximum airspeed of 205 km\h. While the maximum flight range is limited by it’s fuel capacity to 565 kilometers, it is still very impressive for an ultralight/light helicopter.

DIY kit helicopter

Initially, the estimated date to start production of the Swift helicopter was scheduled for mid-year 2016, while production is currently underway, the actual release date isn’t expected to be far away. It is unknown how the helicopter will be released to the public; kit, fast build kit, completed ready-to-fly….etc….?

VIDEO: Swift Kit Helicopter Assembly Time Lapse Construction 002

Specifications Mosquito Swift Helicopter Kit
Crew – Pilot 1 Person
Capacity – Passenger 1 Person
helicopter length 8.24 m
The height of the helicopter 2.16 m
The diameter of the rotor 7.82 m
Weight of empty helicopter 270 kg
Maximum takeoff weight 450 kg
Cruising speed 180 km \ h
Maximum flight speed 205 km \ h
Maximum flight distance 565 km
Maximum flight height 4260 m
Powerplant Lycoming IO-360
Power 185 hp

The New Swift Mosquito Kit Helicopter At Oshkosh

Innovator Technologies Displays Their New 2-Place Helicopter Body

Manufacturing two seat experimental helicopter

Innovator Technologies, the maker of the Mosquito kit helicopter, and their manufacturing company – Composite FX, have partnered together to build a new 2-place helicopter called the “Swift.” Mr. Dwight Junkin of Composite FX, discussed the merits of the new helicopter when they complete it.

Two seat Swift homebuilt helicopter kit

The Swift kit helicopter will have a useful load of 700 lbs with a maximum speed of 120 mph, and a cruise range of up to 350 miles. The tail rotor will be an enclosed fenestron type offering improved safety, and the engine is expected to be an aircraft grade Lycoming based IO-360 four cylinder, four-stroke engine.

Composite FX were expecting completion and test flying to begin at the end of 2013 – obviously there is the usual overrun of time. You can watch the Swift being built through time-lapse photography at YouTube (featured above).

This new kit helicopter will have a teetering rotor system with composite rotor blades, feature an all composite fuselage including twin fuel tanks holding a total of 35 gallons, and the aforementioned fenestron shrouded tail rotor all powered by a 185 HP engine.

Swift composite FX helicopter kit


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  1. that sir is one beauitiful bird and with the two seats will make for a great trainer for anyone who needs training prior to buying the helicopter.

  2. Does it require a helicopter license to fly??

    • This totally depends on your countries regulations. In the USA regulations do seem to change regularly, you never use to need a license for a single seat ultralight helicopter under 254lbs – but I believe things have since changed. I must say though, it is a very rare thing that you can teach yourself how to fly a helicopter. One in a million succeed, the other 999,999 die trying! Get some lessons in an R22 helicopter and you will soon learn how quickly things can put you in a situation requiring a mass of skill and knowledge to get out of.

  3. Bob Vanderbilt | January 27, 2019 at 8:47 pm | Reply

    Are the Swifts available to the public for purchase? If so, do you have a contact name, email address, or phone number? Thanks.

  4. Hello; I am looking for a 2 place reliable smaller helicopter. After flying a Huey for 4 yrs, in Nam. This little helicopter should be a Blast 2 Fly!! How is it possible to purchase one?? & the $, in US coin??

    Thank You
    R Hale

    • Hi, it seems like development on this craft has been kept quiet (relatively). Why? I’m not sure, though I know this company and they like to do things right – and it took many years or REAL FLIGHT TESTING on their other products before they brought them to market. For now I’d suggest registering your interest here: – or – alternatively check out their other products here:

      • Iā€™m a commercial airline pilot and came across your swift. I was looking at getting a searey seaplane. But would love to get a heli. Although I do not have a helicopter license. I do have a whopping 2 hrs in a Robinson and have flown r/c helicopters for many years. Haha. When do you think the release would be on your swift? I was looking at your mosquito but the single seat and learning would be scary for me. Swift being able to have someone help me out would be a huge bonus.

  5. John LaCamera | March 13, 2019 at 12:24 am | Reply

    Interested in any and all info. re: the Swift. Price, delivery schedules, etc.

  6. Earl Eskridge | July 30, 2019 at 8:32 pm | Reply

    Great to know of this copter, what is the price to put this bird together? What would be the price to learn how to fly it???

  7. How much? sellers never put the price and where you can purchase.

  8. Hi, has production began on the swift? I am from Malaysia and i am interested in purchasing one unit.

    • No news yet (publicly) that I am aware of. These things take a lot of time and money, then comes the testing. John Uptigrove flew his Mosquito Air helicopter for many years before releasing it to the public. If you hear any news, please let us know…

  9. I want A 2 Seat Mosq. I Havent Seen Any On You-tube Please Tell Me That Thary Are For Sale Now

  10. jose de jesus padilla | January 3, 2021 at 3:37 am | Reply

    I like to buy a kit

  11. manoharan kandasamy | July 18, 2021 at 1:00 am | Reply

    Hi, has production began on the swift? can buy now? price,

  12. Alecsandru Stefu | July 30, 2021 at 7:09 am | Reply

    Do you have any information of availability of any mosquito helicopter outside of the US? Specifically Europe?

  13. is this kit available?

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