Rotorway International Kit Helicopters

RotorWay Talon A600 Helicopter Kit

Rotorway Helicopters is the best known kit helicopter manufacturer in the world. From the original Scorpion 1 kit helicopter desighned by B.J.Schramm through to the current RW7 kit helicopter – they have always supported their excellent kit helicopters.

While they were innovators in their field, the aviation public was continuously left wondering why their designs were outdated considering the advances in every day technology. With the company changing hands and being sold before it was sold back to its staff, Rotorway Helicopters finally crept their way out of the past and into the present with an eye to the future of their helicopter kit building business.

Within a relatively short amount of time the basic design went through a number of engine upgrades and modification options began to be offered. Along with this, the messy and heavy secondary chain drive was replaced with a more efficient, cleaner cog-belt drive – and a shaft driven tail rotor was implemented. Maintaining the momentum, Rotorway has announced their new latest kit helicopter design helicopter, the RW7 – now with a certifiable Lycoming aircraft engine and main rotor gearbox a highly modified (for aircraft use) auto rear end drive.

Included in this gallery are variations of the original Rotorway designs where customers have experimented with different drive systems and engines being fitted to their Rotorway helicopters. An example is the Mazda Rotary engine, the Subaru EJ series of engines and the JetExec APU turbine.

Rotorway Kit Helicopters

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Rotorway Kit Helicopters
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6 Comments on "Rotorway International Kit Helicopters"

  1. please send me price list for kit built Helicopters

    • Hi Ed, you will need to contact the companies that make them. Just Google “Rotorway Helicopters” for example, or “Mosquito Helicopter” etc…

  2. Like to have information on your helicopter kits.

  3. Darryl Cameron | November 6, 2020 at 6:12 pm | Reply

    I have been unable to get in touch with Rotorway. Do they still sell the kits and if so do you have contact information regarding Rotorway?

    • I believe Rotorway are still operating, though with COVID I’m not sure of “at what capacity”? I suggest trying to contact them through after market companies or existing owners. Try more Google results? Sorry we can’t help any further.

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