Experimental Homebuilt Helicopter Design Video Library

Homebuilt helicopter video library

A collection of experimental helicopters, kit helicopters, commercial helicopters and historical helicopters from all over the world. Some familiar designs, and many never before seen helicopter designs. The will of man for his own personal helicopter continues on – some looking for affordability, some for compact sizes, while others are looking to bring new technological innovations to their homebuilt helicopter designs.

If you are looking to design your own helicopter, these images should give you much inspiration and drive as many of these DIY helicopter builders have found. What does it take to build your own helicopter, nothing more than a thought…a vision of what you want your own personal helicopter to be!

Homebuilt Helicopter Video Library

Experimental Homebuilt Helicopter Designs - Personal Helicopter

Redback Aviation presents a variety of personal helicopter designs. Many known & unknown original design experimental helicopters and personal Helicopters.

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