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Mini 500 Kit Helicopter Newsletter

Greetings Rotorcraft Enthusiast!

Thank you for your interest in our Mini-500 single place helicopter. The Mini 500 helicopter is the product of my engineering design, flight testing, manufacturing and sales experience in the rotorcraft industry since 1979. My first project was the award winning Commander Gyroplane.

With over 1,100 sold and accumulating thousands of hours of flight lime, the Commander maintained a perfect record of structural integrity. I am continuing this tradition with the Mini 500 helicopter, a true helicopter with the latest in control system design and composite technology.

Mini 500 control system inspection port

LEFT: High tail rotor ground clearance allows for better tail wind landings in the Mini 500 helicopter. Horizontal stabilizer is tuned for both hover and forward flight stability.
RIGHT: Two removable panels allow instant access to the entire engine and transmission. High capacity cooling fan and radiator will keep coolant temperatures low for indefinite hover periods, even in the hottest environments.

As a commercially licensed chopper pilot, I, and many of my friends, have experienced the high cost of helicopter operation. I knew that a vast market could be created with the development of an economical and user friendly vertical flight vehicle. Therefore, I decided to sell the gyroplane operation and devote full time to my dream of “every man’s helicopter.”

Since 1990, Revolution Helicopter Corp. has been totally involved with the development of a breakthrough design in helicopter technology — the MINI-500. After years of development, the Mini-500 has achieved that major step forward: low maintenance, economical to operate, easier to control and excellent performance at any reasonable altitude.

No other rotorcraft offers the looks, performance and low operating costs you get in the Mini 500 helicopter. By relying on the latest in computer aided design and manufacturing techniques, we can produce parts as sophisticated as those used in commercial helicopters.

The excellence of design and high quality of the Mini-500’s components are the underlying foundation of its reliability and performance. Its high efficiency, combined with simple maintenance and low operating cost, make it the choice of private and commercial helicopter operators worldwide.

As the world’s most inexpensive helicopter to operate, it is a perfect “time builder” for the new pilot, and also attracts more people to become new pilots because of its low operating cost.

Lightweight composite kit helicopter

RIGHT: Fully enclosed, aerodynamically shaped engine compartment, sleek lines and lack of external protrusions, create a beautiful, quiet, and fast aircraft.
LEFT: Notice the simplicity of the rotorhead without the complicated swashplate. Our patented control system uses two control actuators, located inside the 2 1/4 ” Chromolly steel drive shaft, which activates and directs the rotor disk for both cyclic and collective movements.

Our sales department has developed a purchase plan which requires a 10% deposit to hold the current price and establish your position in the production schedule. The balance is due when your aircraft is ready to be shipped.

Also, for those who are interested, and qualified, we have established many dealerships, and we are looking for more. After taking a closer look at the Mini 500 helicopter, I’m sure you’ll agree that this aircraft is the answer to your dreams of reliable and affordable vertical flight. We’ll be proud to have you as another valued Revolution Helicopter customer.

Revolution Helicopter Corp.
— –
Dennis Fetters

Dennis Fetters Revolution Helicopters Company

A Helicopter for the ’90s and Beyond!

The Mini-500 is a revolutionary helicopter design. The design and excellent performance of the Mini-500 make it an ideal choice for a variety of private, business and utility applications.

Mini 500 helicopter layout

LEFT: Large removable doors allow easy access to the completely finished, carpeted and upholstered cabin. The landing light and skid mounted navigation lights are standard equipment. Incredible visibility in all axis through the crystal clear windshield. The seat slides easily to accommodate almost any size pilot. Plenty of elbow room, too!
CENTER: The standard instrument panel comes complete with all instruments shown and has plenty of room for communication and navigational avionics. Electric starter, switches and breakers are included in the kit.
RIGHT: All Drive train components, except the Rotax 582 engine, are built in-house by Revolution Helicopter Corp. The tail rotor gear box is shaft driven and uses helical cut gears. Easy to inspect, easy to maintain, simple and light, the components have a 2000 hour TBO. The tail rotor anti-torque control assembly can be easily removed for trailering.

Patented Control System.

A newly patented yoke control system, patent #5,163,815, eliminates the high maintenance swashplate assembly and many related parts found in other helicopters, and provides true three dimensional flight capabilities at a fraction of the cost of regular helicopters. Any helicopter pilot can fly this aircraft because all the control inputs are still conventional!

High Quality Components

Every component of the Mini-500 is the product of intense research and development. From the lightweight, incredibly strong composite fuselage shell, to the aluminum/composite, perfectly balanced rotor blades, to our CAD designed chromolly steel frame, the Mini 500 helicopter out distances the competition technologically and aesthetically.

High TBO

All components, except the proven and dependable Rotax 582 engine, are designed with a 2000 hour TBO.

Low Cost

Just compare our purchase price with any other helicopter on the market, then factor in the maintenance, as low as 5 gallons-per-hour fuel consumption rate (using auto fuel), and the option of doing your own annual inspections.

Easy to Assemble

You’ll be amazed at the quick ONE WEEK assembly of this 51% homebuilt kit! The simplicity of design is easily noticed, even for the novice builder, when assembling the Mini-500’s prefabricated and finished components.

All sub-assemblies are completed in our factory, and inspected continually by our Quality Control personnel. You, or your mechanic, simply need to bolt the components together, arrange for an FAA sign-off, and the aircraft is ready for flight!

Homemade Mini 500 helicopter

Check-Out These Unique Features Of The Mini 500 Helicopter Kit:
  • Unique Patented Control System

  • Adapts to many vertical flight tasks

  • Easily assembled in one week

  • Low operating cost

  • Only 10% deposit to hold price and reserve production slot

Mini 500 helicopter dimension drawings


Mini 500 Helicopter - From The Presidents Desk
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Mini 500 Helicopter - From The Presidents Desk
Back when the Mini 500 helicopter kit was released, there was a dazzle of promotional brochures and advertising material including this newsletter from RHC.
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