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Helicopter Swashplate Plans (eBook download)

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Professional Helicopter Swashplate Drawings

Helicopter swashplate in dynamic test stand

Suitable for SINGLE SEAT or TWO SEAT helicopters!

The ever elusive helicopter swashplate… While every traditional (and some non-traditional) style helicopter uses them, they are not a common item to come by. Here we present a solid alternative to the Adams Wilson style helicopter swashplate – the only other helicopter swashplate plans currently available.

Helicopter Swashplate Plans :: Swash plate plans

NOTE: Measurements removed for display purposes only – all measurements provided on eBook download.

This is a robust design, looking similar in size and layout to the Rotorway Exec helicopter (but of completely different design). Yes, there is some professional machining required, as with most helicopter parts, with the result being a dependable swash plate control system.

Please read these important notes about these swashplate drawings!

The helicopter swashplate plans come as a downloadable eBook, NOT AS A PDF!

If you wish to build a swashplate assembly from these drawings, you will have to copy by hand

All helicopter swashplate drawings in black and white presented as images in eBook format

The helicopter swashplate construction eBook comes with encrypted viewing and refund protection

There is little dialogue contained, consisting mainly of working drawings for the helicopter swashplate

Designed for helicopters with a 1.5 inch diameter main rotor shaft (38.1 mm)

ALL DIMENSIONS in METRIC (millimeters – “mm”) measurements for helicopter swashplate drawings

Images can be viewed “FULL SCREEN” (up to 1280 pixels wide) though screen shot copying is disabled

Generally speaking, the helicopter swashplate eBook WILL NOT WORK ON MAC without appropriate PC compatibility software

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These actions have been put in place to avoid unauthorized reproduction and sharing of the swashplate plans

About These Swashplate Plans

Contains parts lists and the construction drawings of a two seat light helicopter swashplate assembly. The helicopter swashplate plans contain machining drawings and dimensions, assembly perspectives along with parts list and material requirements.

Advanced machining is required to construct the helicopter swashplate so this would not generally be considered a home project unless you have your own CNC type equipment. The design of this particular helicopter swashplate is based on a two seat helicopter, and is NOT for any other purpose!. No specific information is provided as per the operating parameters or operating restrictions.

VIDEO: How It Works Helicopter Blades

DISCLAIMER: You/the purchaser/the recipient of these helicopter swashplate plans will assume all risk and legal responsibility for any construction and use of the swashplate. If you do not agree with these terms, it is your responsibility to not purchase these helicopter swashplate plans and drawings. The swashplate drawings are presented for educational purposes only.

Perspective Views :: Machining Dimensions :: Parts Lists :: Material Types

Helicopter Swashplate Plans :: Swash plate plans

NOTE: Measurements removed for display purposes only – all measurements provided on eBook download.
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Helicopter dynamics swashplate

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VIDEO: Helicopter controls – swashplate motion

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Autocad swashplate

Swashplate assembly:

Purpose — To change cyclic control movements from linear control movement into rotating control movement.

commercial swashplate

Swashplate support:

  1. Open cylinder encircling the mast

  2. Top portion is uniball for swashplate

  3. Supports inner ring of swashplate

  4. Slots in lower sides for collective lever bearings

Swashplate inner ring:

  1. Tilts on uniball when activated by cyclic control rods connected on two clevis-type horns at the forward sides of the inner ring

  2. Clamped on the uniball by upper and lower sets of contoured teflon bearings

  3. Held from rotating, but allowed to tilt, by a pin-type horn at the rear connected to an anti-drive link

Swashplate outer ring:

  1. Tilts with the inner ring but rotates with the mast

  2. Mounts on the inner ring through a duplex bearing

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