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lonestar kit helicopter for sale

Kit Helicopter For Sale

COURTESY SKY4BUY.COM – 7th December 2017

Item specifics

Condition: Used

Lonestar was a helicopter company out of New Braunfels, Texas. They used to sell kits to build.

single seat homemade helicopter

Lonestar was a helicopter company out of New Braunfels, Texas. They used to sell kits to build personal sport helicopters. Then a flood hit, wiped out the factory, tooling and plans and that was the end of that. This is one of their completed kits sold before going out of business.

lonestar kit helicopter dolly

This one was originally purchased and built by a retired airline pilot. He was very meticulous in the construction and logging of all progress. He completed it to about 95%.

kit helicopter v-belt drive system

Unfortunately he got sick, never recovered, and the project was left to his widow. She eventually sold it to a neighbor friend that stated he tried to start it after it had been sitting for about 15 years.

kit helicopter cockpit seat tank

The engine suffered what he called a “hard start” that broke the case. After sitting a while longer he decided to sell it and that’s when I picked it up. I purchased a rebuild engine from a Rotax builder in Florida. It is a 618 Rotax built for this application. I also completed the wiring that was never finished and replace some fuel lines.

best kit helicopter for sale

I had the unit up and running and have ground tested it. However the main rotor needs tracked and balanced as the cyclic was vibrating a bit too much. I figure it’s time to let this beautiful piece of work (art) go to someone that might actually be able to get it flying.

kit helicopter reduction drive system

At this point it’ll need a battery, flush of the fuel lines and tank, track and balance and a good general cleaning. From there I don’t know, but with only 12 hours on the Hobbs meter, I’m sure an A/P can finish and inspect it. This item is being SOLD AS IS, IN NON-FLYING CONDITION, ANY FUTURE FLIGHT USE OF THIS HELICOPTER IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE NEW OWNER. NO RETURNS!

two stroke 618 helicopter engine

I have all the construction logs and a file box full of documentation. I also have the original aircraft log as well as the new engine log book. As you can see it was once registered and had an assigned N number. At this point I’m sure all of that would have to be renewed.

vertical mount rotax helicopter engine

lonestar kit helicopter control panel

As a bonus once the reserve is met, I have an extra 618 engine completely rebuilt with new pistons, rings and lower bearings, etc., that I will let go with the package. Understand this engine originally came out of a snowmobile, so do your research when using for this application. There is also a box of extra parts and a low speed transport cart that goes with the unit.

I would also consider a trade for an operating gyrocopter, something with a Rotax 503 or larger.

Shipping cost and arrangements are the responsibility of the purchaser.

Local pickup is available. Unit will fit on a 6″ X 12″ trailer.

Unit will not be released until all funds have cleared the bank.

Bill of sale only.

Current date: 2017-06-02


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10 Comments on "LoneStar Kit Helicopter For Sale USA"

  1. Why all the formalities? Looks like a piece of junk. After all that detailed history and profile of the helicopter, you didn’t even leave a price.

    • Hi Kenneth, funny what one person sees – you know the saying, “one persons trash/junk is another persons treasure!”. The fact is, the current – super popular Mosquito kit helicopter had its origins derived from the Lonestar. So in fact, that “piece of junk” contributed to the dream of successful flight for hundreds of pilots.

      Also, if you had of read ALL the information on our site about the Lonestar, you would have known the factory ceased many many years ago, and my helicopter was also sold many years ago – why the interest? Were you thinking of purchasing this piece of junk??

  2. Hey-o! so I am currently just wondering a few things about this helo and starting off is it still available? If so how much would you need to be willing to let it go? I’ve got both the know-how and the resources to fix it up to flying condition. thanks!

    • Hi JJ, the craft is long gone. Coming across another would be nothing short of a miracle! I suggest you take a look at the Mosquito kit helicopters or something similar.

  3. How do can I get prices on ultralight helicopter, like lone star or similar

  4. I want one of these little guys. Mosquito is out of my price range

  5. i want to buy one

  6. The Unit is still available for sale if someone is interested? The price wasn’t listed here because I never posted it here. Not real sure how it got on here? Anyway, it’s still in good shape, be it a little dirty and in need of a full inspection. As mentioned in the write up unit well be: SOLD AS IS, IN NON-FLYING CONDITION, ANY FUTURE FLIGHT USE OF THIS HELICOPTER IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE NEW OWNER. It really is a work of art. If you have some skills, or A/P someone could get in the air. I’ll make anyone a good deal $6,500, w/spare engine $7,500. Less than that I be donating it. 520 559 5846 or kipperrocks@cox.net. THX Brian

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