Vertical Lift Technologies WINDSTAR helicopter

WINDSTAR helicopter

Rotorway Four Seat Kit Helicopter


The WINDSTAR helicopter is a 4-place helicopter with small external dimensions and 150mph speed.

Vertical Lift Technologies WINDSTAR helicopter major features include:

  • A simple hingeless/bearingless composite rotor, nearly zero maintenance with long life.

  • A brand new generation piston powerplant, (designed and built specifically for “WINDSTAR” by Vertical Lift Technologies) with an extremely high power to weight ratio…liquid cooled, turbo-charged, with an advanced combustion system!

  • A “PAL” (Power Assisted Landing System) which provides the WINDSTAR helicopter with auxiliary power of up to 1/3 engine horsepower at the pilot’s command. It’s the first time a single-engine helicopter has come close to providing twin-engine forgiveness in a power-off situation.

  • What if you had a helicopter that could fly you point to point in one sixth the average time you would be spending in your automobile?

    There are several ways to look at this:

    1. Point to point time savings that turns your arrival into minutes from departure, provides more than just satisfaction, necessary trips aren’t put off.

    2. Don’t figure that 2 years of your salary might equal the price of this helicopter, and thus justify it! Consider that in 25 years, by moving around six times as fast, you’re income will be multiplied many times.

    3. In the past, with helicopters costing $400,000, you might not have been able to justify the cost of your personal vertical mobility, but now why not consider the WINDSTAR helicopter!

    A machine that can add an hour or more to your day, whose purchase can be planned and saved for over a period of time.. a most interesting alternative, don’t you agree?

    A four place helicopter with small external dimensions and 150 mph speed has never existed until now!


    1. Expensive and complicated rotor systems.

    2. Lack of a suitable powerplant.

    3. Marginal single-engine safety.

    WINDSTAR helicopter is the solution!

    The compounding effect of the above features has resulted in significantly reduced manufacturing costs, making “WINDSTAR” affordable in first cost and operational cost!

    The desire for inexpensive, fast, point-to-point vertical transportation has captivated mans mind since Leonardo De Vinci. The WINDSTAR helicopter finally fulfills this desire!

    TIMES HAVE CHANGED! Now that you can afford a WINDSTAR helicopter…You can’t afford to be without one! Finally…Affordable, Fast Transportation For Businessmen FLYING WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN!

    Executive businessmen windstar helicopter


    Vertical Lift Technologies WINDSTAR helicopter
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    Vertical Lift Technologies WINDSTAR helicopter
    Vertical Lift Technologies were way ahead of their time when they introduced the four seat WINDSTAR helicopter with its advanced bearingless rotor system.
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    Redback Aviation
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  1. Fantastic to see information still exists about Windstar. Way back,my brother and I bought an Exec from the parent company, Rotorway and later went over to see the Windstar at the factory in Chandler. Very impressed, we put a deposit on one and were assigned production # 66. They were to begin production once they reached 100 orders.

    Sadly, they went bankrupt and we lost our 12,000 deposit. As far as I know, there is only one in existence but it was an AMAZING little craft. I saw it, touched it,and sat in it!. I am still looking for my literature on it. It would have set the light helicopter market on FIRE…..BJ Schramm and Stretch Walters did a hell of a job getting as far as they did…………….

    • I couldn’t agree more. If you do come across any extra materials on the Windstar, we’d like to share it for other to enjoy too?

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